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"Don’t touch my spray nozzle!" - Cologne
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Your Opinion is Invalid is the 2nd episode of Open Source Objects. It began production on April 7, 2019 and was released on June 19th, 2019.


After the first contestant leaves the show, the contestants are stacked, and so are a few contestant’s odds. Each duo of stacked contestants must do what they must, whether it to be sabotage or manipulate, to make it to the end of this nerve wracking challenge.



Roulette Wheel asks Server what he is looking at, and he tells him that he is trying to comprehend what the crayons are doing. The view pans to an extremely tall set of stairs that are being drawn by Red Crayon and Blue Crayon, who are trying to retrieve Paintball from the top of the dome after the previous challenge.

Blue Crayon tells Paintball to jump down and they'll catch her. She complies and jumps off of the balloon she was floating on, landing in Blue Crayon's arms. Red Crayon then asks Green Crayon and Yellow Crayon how things are going with recovering Graffiti, who reply that they are almost done.

Once Graffiti is recovered, Crayon Box leads the people who were up for elimination into the central building.


After the intro, Crayon Box tells the contestants who were up for elimination to take a seat in the front row of chairs. She then pulls down a projector, and with the help of Yellow Crayon, explains how the elimination process will work. The person with the least amount of votes will receive a prize and also immunity during the next challenge, causing Microphone to question why the person who lost would receive a prize. It's revealed that Corny got the least amount of votes, who then receives an improvised prize, which is an ice cold refreshment (that is actually warm). Incense Holder, Paintball, Microphone, and Graffiti are all safe after that, leaving only three contestants remaining.

Walking into elim area OSO 2.png

Crayon Box reveals that two contestants actually tied in votes, one being Organic Fruit and Grain Bar, but before she can finish, Loren takes Corny's prize and walks out. Crayon Box attempts to call him back, but he says he doesn't want to drag things out any longer and continues to leave despite not being the one eliminated. Yellow Crayon offers to go after him, but Crayon Box tells him that there is no need to force him to stay. Black Square is revealed to be the person that would have been eliminated if Loren hadn't quit, so Crayon Box tells him to watch himself.

Contestant Votes Percentage Total
Corny 23 2.9% 23
Incense Holder 34 4.29% 57
Paintball 48 6.05% 105
Microphone 50 6.31% 155
Graffiti 87 10.97% 242
Organic Fruit & Grain Bar 166 20.93% 408
Loren 166 20.93% 574
Black Square 219 27.62% 793

Contest Explanation

In order to explain the second contest, Crayon Box wheels out a chalkboard with the help of Blue Crayon. After she pulls out the chalk that she is going to draw with, Yellow Crayon sees it and asks how she could betray them like that. Crayon Box then reluctantly uses the crayons to explain the challenge instead of the chalkboard, kicking it away (running over Blue Crayon in the process).

Yellow Crayon and Green Crayon then come out of the box, with Yellow getting on top of Green. Crayon Box tells the contestants that the contest is going to be stacking, but they end up confused. Going into further detail, she says that they all need to pair up and stack on top of each other, and if the person on top falls off, then that pair is put up for elimination. To demonstrate, Yellow Crayon is then pushed off of Green by Crayon Box and the contestants all seem to understand. Yellow Crayon tells her she should have just said that to begin with, still slightly agitated from before.

Pairing Up

Diamond approaches Coaster, wanting to pair up with her. However, Coaster simply sighs and walks away to get inside of Incense Holder. A big group forms around Glowing Heart filled with people wanting to pair up with her due to her ability to fly. She is overwhelmed and flies over to ask Cologne to partner up instead due to knowing him from last episode. He ditches Coin to be her partner, and everyone in the crowd groans.

Diamond, trying to find a partner still, runs over to Extension Cord and introduces herself, stating that Extension Cord is cool and tall. Extension Cord nervously accepts and states that she thought she wouldn't be any good, but Diamond assures her she'll do great. Next, Graffiti spots Guarana and morphs into the words "Team Up?", which causes Guarana to chuckle. Guarana tells Graffiti that he didn't know Graffiti could do that, and Graffiti responds that he can do a lot more than that.

Microphone pairs up with Pitcher after thinking nobody else would be reliable enough. Pitcher agrees to pair up and Microphone climbs inside of Pitcher, to his annoyance. Dango spots Blob, and White Dango suggests that they team up with them because Blob might need their assistance. Pink Dango disagrees, but Green Dango sides with White Dango, so Pink Dango groans and walks over to Blob.

Blob happy to be chosen.

White Dango asks Blob to partner up, causing Blob's eyes to shimmer with delight. White Dango says that it looks like they agree, and Blob gets on top of Green Dango. Coin, after being abandoned by Cologne for Glowing Heart, looks around for his sister, Penny, who he is unable to find. Before he can find her, Organic Fruit and Grain Bar picks him up against his will in order to be his partner, which Coin is extremely against.

From a distance, Penny sees this and says to herself that it was weird, before being approached by Sippy Cup. Sippy Cup sees that Penny is shiny and opens her lid to put Penny inside, causing Penny to scream. Paintball rejects Vape when she tells him she already teamed up with Server. Vape says that's OK, then Inhaler asks Vape to team up and he agrees.

Nail Clippers asks Retainer if he wants to team up with her, but Retainer declines, being partnered with Roulette Wheel and suspicious of her true motives. Joyfully, Nail Clippers team ups with Black Square instead. Meanwhile, Tart notices that Putty & Censored and Holly & Phonograph have paired up, leaving only one other person left to pair up with. Tart and OSO Novel are the last pair, with OSO Novel accidentally stepping in and ruining Tart's frosting puff.

With everyone paired up, Crayon Box begins the challenge.


Guarana and Graffiti debate on a plan. Graffiti wants to knock out other contestants using his paint-shifting and Guarana's parkour skills, but Guarana is hesitant of the idea due to a similar situation from the previous episode. Meanwhile, Sippy Cup cheerfully runs around the dome with a distressed Penny inside and Holly plays Christmas music on Phonograph, much to Phonograph's disapproval.

Using a dodgeball Guarana produces, Graffiti shifts his arm into a blaster gun and shoots at Pitcher and Microphone. However, the ball bounces off Pitcher and flies towards Organic Fruit and Grain Bar, who uses Coin as a shield for the ball to bounce it off of. The ball knocks Inhaler off of Vape, breaking his glasses and making them the first pair up for elimination.

"What the bank was that?"

Tart and OSO Novel accidentally bump into Black Square and Nail Clippers, leading to a small argument between Tart and Nail Clippers specifically. Despite warnings from OSO Novel, the two continue to quarrel, which results in Nail Clippers forcing a hesitant Black Square, still recovering from the events of the elimination, to kick Tart, knocking over her and OSO Novel and putting them on the chopping block.

White Dango asks Blob what they think of the competition so far. Blob is defiant and silent, leading Pink Dango to question why they picked Blob at all. Blob becomes discouraged and intentionally gets bigger, making them lose their balance and almost fall over, until Green Dango tells Pink Dango that he wanted to be with Blob because he thought they were cool, calming Blob. They shrink to their normal size and pat Green Dango on his head.

Diamond becomes confident in the ability and triumph of her and Extension Cord so far and declares them ECAD (Extension Cord And Diamond), the ultimate team. The two then run into Cologne and Glowing Heart, who Extension Cord fears may be out to sabotage her and Diamond, but Cologne insists he is just looking for a chat and has good intentions. Diamond confidently believes that she and Extension Cord will win, causing Cologne to recognize her confidence and trick her into forgetting about Extension Cord, temporarily breaking Diamond’s confidence.

Shortly after, the Dangos and Blob are put up for elimination after Pink Dango trips over and Blob falls off. Elsewhere, Microphone decides to leave Pitcher to avoid being bored out of his mind. Pitcher’s attitude drastically changes when Microphone attempts to leave, going from calm to angry. He shakes himself to force Microphone to fall back into him and is calm again immediately afterwards, much to Microphone’s confusion.

Glowing Heart and Cologne return to ECAD, where Cologne boasts about winning immunity. Extension Cord threatens to take them down, increasing Diamond’s confidence and leading to her grabbing Extension Cord’s cord, throwing it, and tying around Cologne’s leg in an effort to pull him off Glowing Heart. Despite warnings from Extension Cord, Diamond climbs her cord towards Cologne. The cord begins to spark, eventually shocking Cologne and Diamond. The shock causes Glowing Heart to drop Cologne, causing him and Diamond to fall. Glowing Heart and Extension Cord both make a leap in an effort to save their partners.

An out of breath Extension Cord manages to catch Diamond before she hits the ground. Extension Cord apologizes for not telling Diamond about her cord and almost costing them the challenge, but Diamond tells her that it’s fine. Meanwhile, Cologne hilariously lands on his spray nozzle, which is continuously spraying as he lashes out at Glowing Heart when she tries to comfort him. The two are put up for elimination.


Crayon Box declares that Glowing Heart, Dango, Blob, Tart, Cologne, Vape, Inhaler, and OSO Novel are up for elimination and will be voted on by the viewers to be eliminated the following episode.


The credits are playing on a television in a bar outside the dome. A woman with glasses is sitting alone at the bar when Loren opens the door, holding his refreshment. He takes a seat next to her and takes a sip of his drink before an ad telling people to join the Discord server appears on the TV, making the woman question who would want to work on "that show." Loren turns toward the camera and says "Well...", before a cut to another ad asking people to help make more Open Source Objects.


OSO 2- Your Opinion is Invalid


  • When Cologne falls on his spray nozzle, he would immediately stop spraying, because gravity would cause all of his liquid to fall to the bottom.


  • The title of the episode refers to the fact that even though the viewers voted for Black Square to be eliminated, Loren was eliminated anyway, and thus the viewers' opinion "didn't matter".
  • The patrons in the bar are the organizers of Open Source Objects - in order, Satomi Hinatsu, wolfolotl, Yellow Pancake, Dunkel Blau, and Hexagon. Loren also represents one of the organizers in real life.

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