Not to be confused with YellowAngiru

Yellow Pancake has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 1. They are one of the Organizers for the show. They had an appearance in OSO 2: Your Opinion is Invalid in the background of the bar along with the other organizers


they sound like a real chump, a real lame-o


Yellow Pancake is one of the main organizers of Open Source Objects.

OSO Intro


  • Voiced Diamond
  • Edited the audio for scene 16
  • Animated scenes 9d & 14g
  • Illustrated Scene 12ae
  • Storyboarded Scene 13
  • Did various Organizer duties


  • Did various Organizer duties
  • Did Cleanup on the intro
  • Contributed to the writing/condensing of the episode
  • Storyboarded Scene 17
  • Audio Engineered Scene 22
  • Did the intro pose for Penny


  • Did various Organizer duties
  • Contributed to the writing/condensing of the episode
  • Did the intro pose for Server
  • Storyboarded scene 8
  • Audio Engineered scene 8
  • Did the credits
  • Was the Post Exporter
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