Not to be confused with Yellow Pancake or YellowAngiru.

"Wait, is that... chalk? How could you betray us like that?!"

— Yellow Crayon, "Your Opinion is Invalid"

Yellow Crayon is one of four co-hosts for OSO. He helps Crayon Box demonstrate and set up functions of the show with Blue Crayon, Green Crayon, and Red Crayon.


Strict rule follower acts like a teacher's pet and can come off as snooty.


The Hosts

As of OSO 1, it's established that Yellow and his fellow crayons reside inside of Crayon Box. He is eager to explain parts of the show, even interrupting Crayon Box to do so.

The Contestants

As of OSO 1, none of the contestants knows what his purpose is. He acts defensively when Crayon Box was asked a question.


Yellow Crayon is a light, rectangular, yellow crayon with an unscathed top.


Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

At the start of the episode before the intro, Yellow Crayon can be seen with Green drawing Graffiti back to life.

He is later seen at a podium at the elimination, handing Crayon Box the slideshow controls.

After Crayon Box moves the chalkboard into place, he pops out of Crayon Box and scolds her on using chalk instead of using them to explain challenges, in which Crayon Box reluctantly allows him to explain the challenges, and jumps onto Green Crayon.

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