Wolfolotl has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 1.


Wolfy is a contentious figure in the O.S.O. community. While some may describe them as patient, considerate, and assertive, just as many would describe them as unbearably alpha and rude. They speak their mind when they feel it's right to do so, which can lead to conflict on occasion. Wolfy also has demonstrated a penchant for absurdity in more casual contexts.

Wolfy is known for their catchphrase, "SEE YOU IN THE PITS OF DANTEAN HELL, BUT LIKE, NOT ANY OF THE GOOD ONES, LOSER," which they always shout at the top of their lungs before punting some poor undeserving sop off a cliff, which they must do hourly to stay alive. God attempted to nerf them many times but ultimately failed. They were born without skin, have a hole in their heart, and their jaws contain approximately 15 rows of teeth.


OSO Intro

  • Drew a frame of Crayon Box.
  • Drew the "E" in "source" for the logo (OSO 1).
  • Drew the pose for Extension Cord (OSO 1) and Black Square (OSO 2).
  • Animated Pitcher running.


  • Animated Scene 2k.


  • Storyboarded Scene 3.


  • Drew the Background for Scene 18a


  • wolfolotl was officially promoted to organizer during the production of OSO 2.


  • Storyboarded Scene 5.


  • Contributed to the script of the episode in minute ways.


  • Animated Scene 22cd.


  • Wolfy is a member of an underground cabal known as After Hours that controls the online comedy scene from the shadows.
  • Wolfy hates eyelashes on objects, and yet draws themself with prominent eyelashes. Hypocrite or not? We live in a society.
  • Wolfy currently goes to art school and is working towards a BFA in illustration. Approximately 50% of the things that come out of their mouth mention this fact in some way.
  • Allegedly, Wolfy is hella[citation needed] cool.
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