Urie's Crayon Box spin frame.

Urie has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 1.


Urie is usually a calm, helpful individual that loves to draw and give advice whenever they can. However, when talking about things they like, it's hard to get them to shut up. They have a passion for art, animation, baking, and loving their friends. They want everyone to stay on topic and to be positive. They love to make people laugh.


OSO Intro


-Animated Penny's run

-Drew the 'U' in the OSO logo

-Drew Holly's pose (Episode 1)

-Drew Blob's lettering

-Drew a CB spin frame (frame 31)



-Worked as one of the head writers; edited and contributed heavily while making the script and outline.


-Story-boarded scene 20


-While Urie is considered a good writer, they sometimes struggle with spelling.

-Their favorite dessert to bake are cakes and tarts.

-They like to swear. Do not try to stop them

-Their favorite games are Ori and the Blind Forest, Deltarune, and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

-Urie has 2 cats named Jack and Diane.

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