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"Who even had the time to build this entire thing?" - Putty
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The Butterfly Effect is the 4th episode of Open Source Objects. Production began on September 10, 2019. It was released on February 14, 2020.


After another contestant leaves the show, the next challenge is introduced. Stand back as relationships, alliances, and teams are broken in this new episode of Open Source Objects. Don’t let that bug you.

Contestant Votes Percentage Total
Extension Cord 26 1.06% 26
Phonograph 54 2.21% 80
Diamond 123 5.03% 203
Corny 201 8.23% 404
Coaster 448 18.34% 852
Holly 708 28.98% 1,560
Retainer 883 36.14% 2,443


Freedom Under Roulette Initiative (Opening)

Roulette Wheel interrupts Coin at a vending machine to interest him in the Freedom Under Roulette Initiative (FUR), a system in which Roulette Wheel recruits Coin to recruit other armless contestants to help each other, creating what he calls "the strongest force the show has ever seen". While Coin and Penny call it a scam, Incense Holder not accepting because he's afraid of triangles, and Phonograph saying no due to still having an arm, Retainer accepts and Paintball says she'll think on it.

Elimination Ceremony

Crayon Box welcomes everybody to the third elimination, while Corny, Diamond, and Extension cord all cheer. Extension Cord is revealed to be the first one safe, with only 26 votes, winning a Paddleball game. At first, she starts to criticize the prize, however, when she actually starts playing around with it, she enjoys it. Phonograph and Diamond are then declared safe. Crayon Box states that Corny is the first contestant to be UFE more than one time, and the first one to survive one twice as well, meaning that Corny is safe. Coaster is also declared safe, leaving only Holly and Retainer. When Crayon Box asks if Holly and Retainer are nervous, Retainer says that they're obviously nervous, while Holly is confused as to why she'd be in the bottom 2, because she was the star of the show. When Crayon Box calls out Retainer for suspense, he mistakenly believes that he's safe, and starts to exit the arena, but before he can, Holly turns him around, revealing that Holly was safe, and he was eliminated. Holly tells Retainer to make sure his elimination didn't get him down, but he says that he's not down, and perfectly understands his elimination. While he exits the OSO arena, he blabbers off on how good his time was on the show. The announcement machine then announces his placement, ending the elimination ceremony.

The Contest

Crayon Box has everyone gather up for the next contest, and opens up a specially delivered box of butterflies. She states that everyone must catch a butterfly to be declared safe and that the 7 contestants can't be up for elimination. Right before the contest starts though, Green Crayon pops out to say that you can't kill the butterflies. Red Crayon goes along with this, threatening everyone who hurts a butterfly, and Crayon Box (while pushing the other crayons back into her) states that killing butterflies will also make you up for elimination, cementing the rule, and the contest begins.

Glowing Heart immediately grabs a box, and Sippy Cup presents a leaf to Crayon Box but isn't considered safe yet. Paintball asks to team up with Server, who agrees. Guarana tells Graffiti that he would prefer to do this challenge solo. This disappoints him, but he finds a butterfly right in front of him and presents it to Crayon Box making him the first one safe. Blob rolls into a butterfly, and it lands inside of them. Diamond says she wants. to try it and does, only to flair her arms around steadily.

Putty presents a damaged butterfly. When Crayon Box points out that hurting the butterflies puts you up for voting, she brushes it off, but only hurts the butterfly more. Crayon Box maxes a new butterfly, and Putty is put up for elimination. Censored asks to borrow Putty, which she accepts. However, Censored just takes the jar to catch butterflies. When Censored uses the jar, it runs away, and Censored has to chase it.

Glowing Heart shows Crayon Box her butterflies, with Crayon Box questioning her choice to have multiple, which she replies saying she didn't want to leave any behind. She also stated she found Diamond making weird noises. Diamond then spits out the butterfly, and both of them are safe. Blob and Incense Holder happen to be sitting together, so Incense Holder vents to them, saying he wants to make friends but is afraid that he won't be able to catch up. Putty then shows up, and Incense Holder comments on her look. Blob than indicates to Putty that they want to tell Incense Holder something, and deduces that Blob wants to guide him to victory.

Meanwhile, Paintball tells Server that they aren't getting anywhere. Server agrees, saying they should think of a more "calculated" approach. Roulette Wheel tries to interest Organic Fruit and Grain Bar in the Freedom Under Roulette Initiative but gets kicked away. Server asks what Roulette wheel was up to, and he replies with "just business". Paintball asks to team up with Roulette Wheel instead (assumingly investing into FUR), and Server allows this.

In a different spot, Coin and Penny find a butterfly. Penny makes Coin catch is, even though he insists on Penny doing it. Coin tries to catch it but moves his leg back and forth, and when Penny asks if he's having trouble, the butterfly lands on his face, and he screams. Even while Coin denies it, Penny then realizes that Coin is afraid of bugs, and she was brought along because Coin was too scared to catch one on his own. Penny then begins to make fun of him for it, and Coin describes the "terrifying" features of a bug.

The video cuts to Tart saying something about business while swatting a butterfly away. Holly tells tart that she just had to connect with the bugs, and starts buzzing. They come across OSO Novel, who's watching Corny set up his trap. OSO Novel also states that Holly's approach won't work. Holly states that something in OSO Novel is probably making her act this way, and OSO Novel runs. Holly tries chasing her, but runs into Putty's jar, that Censored is still chasing.

An anvil lands on Corny's foot, and he yelps. Server reacts to Corny, saying that he's "always so out there."Server then pulls out a chalkboard and his machine. Blue Crayon compliments the Server for the machine and asks how it will help in the challenge. He demonstrates the machine, but the machine kills a butterfly in the process of trying to catch it. Because of this, Blue Crayon puts Server up for elimination, who states that he didn't "debug" the machine properly. He then states that he probably should've just "gone with the flow."

Coaster asks Microphone and Vape what they're doing. Vape says he doesn't want to try, while Microphone pretends to try, and Coaster says, "your elimination". Coaster then comes across Phonograph helping Black Square snag a butterfly. Dango also does this. Vape says he's not interested in a freebie, and Microphone replies with "your elimination", mimicking Coaster. When the video cuts back to Phonograph, even more people are there catching freebies. Coaster states that they're exploiting Phonograph's kindness, and proves it by trying to get a butterfly, and because Phonograph caught that one for herself, she says no, which Nail Clippers and Microphone disapprove of after Coaster gives back the butterfly and leaves.

Paintball and Roulette Wheel are still not getting anywhere, which they find out when Roulette Wheel spins to wake Paintball up, who was distracted by Vape. Paintball then goes on to rant about Vape. Paintball falls off of Roulette Wheel, and accidentally crushes a butterfly in the process. They decide to blame it on Vape. When they call Red Crayon over to report the violation, Vape is confused and asks Paintball to back him up. However, Paintball decides against this, and Vape is put up for elimination, with Paintball and Roulette Wheel still in it to win it. When Paintball and Roulette Wheel walk away, Paintball seems to feel bad for not vouching in Vape's favor (due to their friendship).

Sippy Cup tries to turn in a stick of butter but is still not safe. Crayon Box then looks at Phonograph, who (just like all other contestants that grabbed her butterflies), is declared safe offscreen. The speaker announces that there are only 13 safe spots left. Penny shows Coin her butterflies, and jokes around with them. This is when Coin snaps at Penny, who says that Coin overreacted to a small joke. Coin tries to apologize, but can't, and they walk their separate ways.

The video cuts to OSO Novel, who's scared because something is missing in her pages. Guarana nearly hits OSO Novel, and they greet each other. Guarana says he regrets not working with Graffiti when he had the chance, and OSO Novel says she has the opposite problem, where she knows what she's doing, but can't control herself, all the while showing what's happening in the challenge. Guarana tells her that she either has to do what she has to, or decide against it, even if there's no other option. OSO Novel interprets this as having to decide her own destiny, which they both think is a little cliched. OSO Novel thanks Guarana for helping her reset her narrative.

It cuts to Incense Holder finishing a lap, with Putty and Blob cheering him on. Incense Holder asks if they could just directly help him catch a butterfly, and Putty asks what he's good at. When Censored and Putty's jar appear, Incense Holder realized that he's good at getting in the way, and knocks the jar over. Censored, Incense Holder, Microphone, and Nail Clippers grab butterflies and are declared safe. Blob tries to be safe but has to get the butterfly out to prove that it didn't drown.

Coin is shown flat on the grass, due to not being able to catch a butterfly. Organic Fruit and Grain Bar gives him a flower, which Coin doesn't take kindly to. Suddenly, Penny shows up and tells Coin to sit down. Penny gives Coin her drink and apologizes for messing around earlier. Coin starts to say that she remembered his favorite drink, and Penny says that it's something she'd never want to forget. Coin tries to apologize for acting like a baby, but when he starts to insult himself, Penny. tells him to stop. Coin says that he wishes he could be like Penny, and Penny says that no matter what, she'd never trade Coin away. Coin starts to tear up and says thanks. Penny says she'd do anything for her favorite big brother, and Coin replies that he's her only big brother.

Holly, Tart, and Corny watch as Corny's machine burns. Corny then makes a joke about his first marriage. Tart says that they'll think of something, and Holly suggests turning in the butterflies on Tart, and they all agree, but first, they stop by OSO Novel and give her a butterfly, and OSO Novel asks to talk to Holly later, which she accepts, making a joke about her "coming around". They all start laughing, and with Paintball and Roulette Wheel, they are declared safe. Sippy Cup shows Crayon Box a satellite dish but still gets a no.


It's revealed that there's only one safe spot left. Right before Guarana can grab the butterfly, Organic Fruit and Grain Bar turns in a flower with a butterfly on it, making him safe. Blob is outraged by this. Coin says that the challenge was doomed from the start, but he still had to keep his head up high. Guarana bids the butterfly farewell, and it smacks into the dome. Guarana, Server, Coin, Vape, Putty, Blob, and Sippy Cup are put up for elimination.

Post-Credit Stinger

Holly appears to be reading OSO Novel, and OSO Novel says that her pages tell the story of the show, and that she doesn't want anyone to pry. Holly understands this, but sees something she wants to ask about, when OSO Novel closes, saying that's enough reading for now. It turned out that Holly wanted to find out what happened to Retainer, and when he was pressed against the dome, OSO Novel rips out a page saying "Join the OSO discord! =3" as an ad for the official Discord.


  • Originally, the episode had an audio error during one of Incense Holder's lines and had to be reuploaded to YouTube.


  • This is the second episode where Roulette Wheel is the first person to speak.
  • This is the first episode where the contestant with the most votes was eliminated.
    • Loren quit despite not having the most votes, and Inhaler was tied with Cologne on OSO 3.
  • This episode, ironically, was a victim of the butterfly effect due to a minor audio error causing commotion in the production server. The episode was reuploaded an hour after its release.
  • This is the first episode of the show to be released in the 2020s.

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