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This article is an autobiography of a contributor for Open Source Objects. If you aren't The Blender Fiddler, please cite the source.

The Blender Fiddler has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 1. He has also made 3D models of some of the characters in Blender.


I'm shy.


OSO Intro

  • He created the reference for Crayon Box spinning in 3D.
    • He also drew frame 13 in Flash even though he already made the reference.
      • Did you know that when you trace a bitmap in a vector program, it's called vectorizing?
  • He made a shot in the intro where the camera pans out, right before the camera is outside of the dome.




  • He animated shots 6f, g and h.
    • This assignment used an ActionScript 2 camera, making him use Swivel to render it, which didn't make him happy because he uses usually Ubuntu. So he has to go and boot up Windows 7, and it's just a big pain in the rear.
  • He also animated shots 12c, 14h, and 14k


Although he was credited for only one background in the credits, he made many for MegaAnimazing

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