ThePinkBunnyEmpire has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 1. He recommended Coaster, Microphone and OSO Novel.


(This section will be written in first person, and may contain biases and such. If you think a part of this does not fit Pink, please dm him and let him know.)

TBA, want to make sure it fits really well.


OSO Intro

  • ThePinkBunnyEmpire drew frame 60 of the CBox spin. The frame is mostly a standard normal frame, except for the fact that there is a face on CBos’s backside, with a phrase underneath it.
  • He also tried to animate Guarana’s run cycle, but for reasons was not able to.


ThePinkBunnyEmpire has made five contributions to OSO 1, not accounting for the intro. In order of appearance, they are:

  • The Background of 7M
  • All of the visuals and animation of 12Y
  • All of the visuals and animation of 13A
  • All of the visuals and animation of 16F
  • All of the visuals and animation of 18B.

Future Plans

ThePinkBunnyEmpire wishes to animate three scenes, and make three backgrounds, with all but two of them being mixed and matched with other’s. Additionally, he wants to expierment with different styles, to keep things interesting and cool.

Beyond episode 2, Pink wishes to become the head writer of atleast one episode, and continue animating atleast one scene (though preferably more) per episode.

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