StrawberrySoul has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 1. She recommended Diamond, Extension Cord, Paintball, Pitcher and Sippy Cup.


Strawberry's kinda awkward. She's shy, but at the same time, sassy and assertive. She doesn't really trust herself with her skills, but she's slowly getting her confidence up, and improving herself more as she goes.



She was a head-writer for this episode, so she wrote some of the episode

Voiced Extension Cord


  • Her previous name was MasterofPyro, but she changed it during the production of episode 2.
  • She doesn't like being misgendered (she's a transgender female)
  • She's lonely sometimes, and only wants some friends.
  • Her favorite animals are cats, dogs and birds
  • She's friends with a majority of the people who work for OSO.
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