Stelle-Parallax has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 2.


Stelle-Parallax, or just Stelle, is honestly odd. She would describe herself as a restrained wild card. She's energetic and also tired, and is overall creative. She is somewhat laidback as well, alhtough she has a strong dislike of being talked over. In terms of groups, she prefers to work with close friends, although can improvise. Her mind wanders often, though, and she isn't exactly what you would call "active on the server". She can come off as awkward and anxious, due to her love of ellipses and difficulty understanding social situations. Overall, Stelle is a friendly person.



  • Did the background for Scene 15p.


  • Stelle has a passion for Minecraft mapping.
  • And Minecraft in general.
  • Stelle doodles a lot.
  • She loves Bionicles, along with building them.
  • She has a Smash Bros. parody series where characters who would almost never be in Smash are given a moveset.
  • She dislikes competition usually, preferring co-op.
  • Stelle is a trans girl, and very open about this.
  • Stelle filled in a lot of this page.
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