some_nerd has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 2. She has captioned all episodes of OSO so far, and on two occasions has stayed up until 05:00 her time, perhaps for this very reason, perhaps not. She is a member of the Game Team, and has written the first path of the first episode. It's a work in progress.


Nerd is in a superposition of lurking on the OSO Discord while also actively partaking in discussions with varying levels of inanity. She's probably also not gotten enough sleep in the previous night. Perchance she'll write an actually decent scene, or maybe she'll actually get to work on the gaiden game sooner or later. One thing's for certain though: she's not certain of anything.



  • Captions, and without reading the script


  • Most of the captions, this time using the script.
  • Wrote entirety of scene 19 (Black Square kicking Tart).
  • Various grammar check-ups of script and revisions to wording of assorted lines.


  • Captions, this time with actual character names if they're off-screen.
  • Pitched scenes 6 (Blue Crayon addressing her team and Censored hijacking the production) and 7 (Yellow Crayon deciding the genre of the play).
  • Vote counting for the crew's tiebreaker vote between Cologne and Inhaler.


  • She's female. This line has always read this way. Nothing was here beforehand.
  • As suggested by her emblem, she memorized a copious amount of digits of pi. She's currently at around 140, but she peaked at 700.
  • Nerd is a TWOW fanatic. Ask her about it, and she'll talk about it for ages on end, whether it be about its history, its statistical side, or just about anything.
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