Server is a male character competing in Open Source Objects.


Server is geeky and funny. He is an engineer. He likes informing people on everything he knows about (Mostly computers though). He can sometimes get annoying though and is usually bullied from the more aggressive contestants. He is very reserved and not very loud. He is hardworking and loves building machines to help his teammates. He doesn’t like being insulted and will usually come up with a witty response. He doesn’t like when he sees someone getting picked on and will stand up for them, even if it means he will be picked on, instead. He doesn’t have the best social skills but he still tries to get along with everyone. He is very good at not getting on people’s bad sides.


Server is a large, rectangular, metal box with many buttons and slits.


Episode 1 - "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

Server introduces himself by walking in on Diamond and Nail Clippers's conversation, stating that the host will be self-evident when they appear. During the challenge, Server becomes frustrated at the prospect of getting down. He is then immediately approached by Graffiti from behind, who pops one of his balloons in attempted sabotage. Server retaliates by popping all of Graffiti's balloons at once, sending him down to his death.

After his skirmish with Graffiti, Server is perplexed by Corny's ability to manifest anvils, though Vape is quick to redirect Server's focus to the challenge. However, Server appears later with his remaining balloons gone, landing on the ground safely. He walks over to Inhaler, who was waiting to finish their discussion of facts and logic.

Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

At the beginning of the episode, Roulette Wheel asks Server what he is looking at. Server tells him that he is watching what the crayons are doing.

For the challenge, Server teams up with Paintball, who was still upset over the fact that Vape didn't get to her in time to help her last episode.

Episode 3 - "The Good, The Bad, and the ********"

During the production stage, he was placed on Yellow Crayon's team. When Yellow Crayon was talking about how they are going to perform a reality show play, Penny suggested if they could do a murder mystery play instead. Luckily, Server backed her up on the idea. So afterwards, YC agreed to do a mix of both.

After a while, Server was walking around with props in his hand when suddenly he sees OSO Novel, who looks very nervous. Server asks her 'what's the matter.' She says for him not to get too close to her because she feels that something bad is going to happen. He then tells her that she can't believe in that stupid superstition, and he thought she was way smarter to believe in that to happen. OSO Novel then tells him that he wasn't going to listen either way and she storms off. After walking away too, he steps on a plank that Pitcher was sitting on which caused him to flip over and accidently pull a switch, which then pulled down a light fixture and crashed onto Server.

When it was time to do the plays, Server was revived by Pitcher and YC only because he had lines and nobody could replace him at the last moment. In the play, he acted as the detective for the murder of Pitcher. He was criticized at the end of the play from White Dango who said that the characters were unlikable. He responded by saying that the characters were based on themselves(YC team). He was lucky enough to be safe afterwards.

Episode 4 - "The Butterfly Effect"

In the challenge, he was approached by Paintball who asked him if they could team up again since they worked so well in episode 2. He said 'sure'. For some minutes, he has been trying to catch a butterfly but he couldn't get a great grip on it, so Paintball was getting pretty bored during this time. She told Server that it looks like they are getting anywhere with what he is doing. He agreed and decided that it was time to take a more 'calculated' approach. By after he said that, he got out a calculator and began to do some calculated work.

During that time, Roulette Wheel literally dropped in after a failure to get Organic Fruit & Grain Bar to join F.U.R. Server saw Roulette Wheel behind him and asked how he was doing. RW told him 'Oh you' After he responded, Paintball asked if he could team up with RW. He said sure and he's not going to stop her decision.

After a while and looking at Corny's attempt to catch a butterfly, he said that Corny is so out there. Then, he pushed in a chalk board with calculations on them. This caught Blue Crayon's attention who asked him what that invention was beside him and the chalk board. He turned it on and explained to her that there's a little device that transmits radio waves to a frequency that insects seem to like. However, when the butterfly hear the sound and flew into Server's machine, it electrocuted the butterfly and it left no other choice but for BC to put Server up for voting.


  • Despite OSO not been existed in 2014 as the now-cancelled TROC 1 is, the other Server who is in that camp has the same asset as this Server, as seen in its randomized results of that season posted in early 2019.


Ep 3: Crushed by light

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