Satomi Hinatsu, also known as "her majesty Satomi royal empress and best girl", is a prominent figure in the OSC. She animates, voice acts, and writes for BFB and creates asset tutorials on YouTube. She has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 1.


Satomi is a sociable creator and a strong leader. She handles her authority carefully and isn't afraid to admit faults or call issues to attention. She is kind, considerate, and often cracks jokes. She spends lots of her time talking to close friends and helping out on community-centric projects.


Satomi is one of the main organizers of Open Source Objects. (yay)

OSO Intro

  • Illustrated a frame of Crayon Box
  • Illustrated character lettering for Organic Fruit and Grain Bar
  • Illustrated the "E" in Objects in the OSO logo
  • Animated the run-cycle for Extension Cord & Nail Clippers
  • Storyboards
  • Clean-Up.


  • Did some minor writing for this episode
  • Animated scene 4d
  • Post Production Editing


  • Satomi's hinges are magnetic.
  • Her girlfriend is Pokey.
  • She really likes kitties!
  • Her past-times include destroying cars, educating others about the evils of gerrymandering, making comics, and playing video games.
  • Her favorite video game is Iconoclasts.
  • She enjoys chiptune and electronic dance music.
  • Her favorite character in BFB is Saw.
  • She played in a camp named "TROC" as Pancake, and placed 16th.
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