Roulette Wheel is a male character competing in Open Source Objects.


A wealthy upperclassmen who owns a casino. He's a bit sneaky and knows how to get the cards in his favour.  He's someone who knows when he's down, but he's also someone who can't fix that by himself. Instead, he uses his wealth to bribe others to help him.


Roulette Wheel is a shallow, cylindrical casino roulette wheel. As he's based off a European roulette wheel, he only has one 0 tile. He's armless.


Episode 1 - "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

Roulette Wheel at first thinks the challenge easy, but as he soon realizes that he can't affect his four balloons due to his lack of arms, he quickly looks for assistance. Assistance does not come with Organic Fruit & Grain Bar or OSO Novel, however, and so Roulette Wheel soon turns fatalistic. Nail Clippers, who he spotted, too proves useless and even deadly, though he manages to achieve safety after White Dango chomps his balloons.

Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

Retainer appears in the beginning of the episode, and asks Server what he is looking at. Server responds that he's looking at what the crayons are doing.

Later on, during the challenge, Roulette Wheel pairs up with Retainer. The two do not fall over, making them safe from elimination.

Episode 3 - "The Good, The Bad, and The ********"

Episode 4 - "The Butterfly Effect"


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