Retainer is a male character in Open Source Objects. He was eliminated in The Butterfly Effect.


Due to his lisp and a history of unfortunate interactions, Retainer's used to people ignoring him and talking over him, and often assumes ill intent (against himself in particular) even when there's none. He tries to remedy these issues by being vocal, and actively talking over others to make himself heard. Rude to those who he believes slighted him, he can veer into inconsiderate and impatient, and often isolates himself and cuts off ties with people.


Retainer is a pink retainer with a grey, metal rod of sorts around him. He is armless.


Episode 1 - "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

Retainer first appears in the challenge, with three balloons tied onto his rod. He impatiently awaits Roulette Wheel's solution to the challenge, speaking simultaneously with Coin. Too alongside Coin, he realizes that getting down while being armless would prove difficult. He fails to get Organic Fruit & Grain Bar's assistance, and he later finds similar unhelpfulness from OSO Novel. After silently arguing with Coin, White Dango chomps Retainer's balloons, making him land safely.

Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

Retainer pairs up with Roulette Wheel for the stacking challenge. Nail Clippers attempts to pair up with him, but he rejects her due to what she did to Incense Holder in the last episode. Retainer does not fall off of Roulette Wheel, making the pair safe from elimination.

Episode 3 - "The Good, The Bad, and The ********"

In the production of the play, he was placed on Green Crayon's team. He was one of the people who told Holly that they didn't want to do a musical. He also suggests the play should be an action genre, who GC took it as one of great ideas. He was taking some acting warm-up exercises with Holly. After a few minutes or so, he asked Holly to help him with his lines because he keeps on forgetting them and he's nervous that he'll mess up. Holly suggests that he should write his lines on his hands which afterwards he tells Holly that he doesn't have any hands. Then, Holly suggests that he should get to memorizing his lines which sadly Retainer finds out that Holly wrote the script in crayon.

In the play, he comes out saying his line quickly before saying to Holly that she's not supposed to sing. After that, Corny comes out with a "boulder" saying one of Retainer's line which he wasn't happy about it. Then, he kicks Corny to the backstage after Extension Cord said her lines. In the middle of Holly's speech to Coaster, he interrupts it by kicking Coaster in the back of her head doing a "Heroic Judo Kick".

After all the plays were finished, Crayon Box announced the best production award and worst production award. Unfortunately, Retainer's team got the worst production award and his team was ufe. Retainer apologized to GC and told her that he thought they did well. Then, after GC apologized that they are ufe, he said that he'll surely be fine. Then, he tried to get an agreement with his team but they didn't respond as they were too upset for the elimination.

Episode 4 - "The Butterfly Effect"

In the cold opening, it was shown that Retainer was the only armless contestant, so far, to join Roulette Wheel's offer into F.U.R. (Freedom Under Roulette).

In the elimination building, he was in the final two with Holly. He interrupted Crayon Box's speech about them being nervous by telling her that he was nervous. As Retainer's name was being called, he interrupted her by mistakenly thinking that he was safe and as he was about to leave Holly turned him around and showed him that he was actually eliminated. As Retainer realize his mistake surprisingly and sadly, Holly said to not let this elimination get him down, but he said that he's not down and gets his elimination. As he rambles on about his elimination and some other stuff, he leaves the building and the dome.

In the stinger, he was watching Holly read OSO Novel's contents. He was then spotted by Holly who was wondering what happened to Retainer, so OSO Novel tore out a page of herself and covered Retainer's face watching them.


  • Retainer is the tallest armless contestant.
  • He is the first contestant to be eliminated normally, as Inhaler was eliminated because of a tiebreaker and Loren quit.
  • Retainer is the first armless contestant to be eliminated.
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