We don't use left and right in this stage. We use port and starboard!

Not to be confused with RedVelevety or RedAnimations.

Red Crayon is one of four co-hosts for OSO. He helps Crayon Box demonstrate and set up functions of the show alongside Blue Crayon, Green Crayon, and Yellow Crayon.


Easily frustrated by the contestants' lack of concentration, and would rather have Yellow Crayon or Green Crayon host.


The Hosts

As of "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart," it's established that Red and his fellow crayons reside inside of Crayon Box. He is quick to start a conflict with his fellow co-hosts and is generally sharp-tongued with them.

The Contestants

As of Episode 1, none of the contestants know what his purpose is. However, he has a general dislike for the contestants, calling one that asked Crayon Box a question "disrespectful."


Red Crayon is a deep red, rectangular crayon with an unscathed crayon top.


Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

At the beginning of the episode, Red Crayon helps Blue Crayon retrieve Paintball from the top of The Dome after she floated up last episode.

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