Polysided has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 2.

(This bio place was written by JarOfJello himself, don't think it's some random guy ranting out of spite!)


  • He created a "game" called Battle for Smash Ultimate (BFSU). Many plans of concept art, media, and ideas are being made but no programmers are involved, making it a huge yet fun waste of time.


Episode 1

  • Wow! Nothing here! He could have helped out a lot with the ground work but instead hid under a rock for December through March and missed out on an epic opportunity!

Episode 2

  • During April, he finally came out of his stupid hermit shell and discovered this show. He casually slipped in and joined the animation queue. Luckily, he got scene 2 and animated for the first time on OSO!
  • He got the chance to make the thumbnail background and number. The number was made in Photoshop/Animate and the background was made in Paint Tool SAI.

Episode 3

  • This is the revolution. Why? There's so much completed here! He remade all the OSO assets from scratch to use for himself! Selfish!
  • Made an intro pose for Organic Fruit and Grain Bar
  • Created the last 'S' in the logo
  • Story boarded scene 3
  • Animated scene 2g

Episode 4

  • Animated scene 14h


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