Penny is a female character competing in Open Source Objects.


Penny is a proficient college student dragged into the competition by her older brother, Coin. Pragmatic and curious, her strong suits lie in critical-thinking and logic, with a tendency to err on the side of caution. However, she’s affable and is naturally drawn to other people. She loves meeting new people and learning new things.


Penny is an orange, metal (potentially copper) coin.


Episode 1 - "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

Penny makes her entrance by approaching Diamond and Coaster. She is impressed by Diamond's extreme skills, though she pivots and mentions that she was only competing because of her brother, Coin. When Crayon Box was offering a demonstration of the balloons, she ties one around Penny's leg.

During the challenge, she groups alongside Retainer, Incense Holder, Roulette Wheel, and her brother. However, as the gang lacked arms, none of them could help each other get down, pushing Penny to worry and fret. Penny, alongside the others, try to get the help of Organic Fruit & Grain Bar and OSO Novel, but she only finds true help with Dango. White Dango bites two of Penny's three balloons, sending her safely downward.

Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

After watching her brother get taken by Organic Fruit & Grain Bar, she herself gets taken as a partner by Sippy Cup, and gets put inside of her for the challenge. Penny stays inside Sippy Cup for the whole challenge, and they win.

Episode 3 - "The Good, The Bad, and The ********"

In the Challenge, she was placed on Yellow Crayon's team. After Yellow Crayon talks about doing a reality show for the play, she suggests if they can do a murder mystery play instead. YC starts to reject that idea until Server thinks that would be a wonderful idea. So, Yellow Crayon decides to combine her idea with the reality show idea.

In the play, she played as the sister of Coin's character.

Episode 4 - "The Butterfly Effect"

In the cold opening, she was asked by Roulette Wheel if she wanted to his offer into F.U.R. (Freedom Under Roulette Wheel). She said that sounded super sketch and she declined on joining.

After the elimination, she was shown to be looking and smelling some flowers in a flowerbed with Organic Fruit & Grain Bar.

During the challenge, she paired up with Coin. They both chased down a butterfly until it landed on a flower. She told Coin to grab the butterfly, who insisted that she could do it. But she said that it could fly away if she tried to get it. After a few seconds, she noticed Coin being hesitant about catching the butterfly. She asked if he was having trouble, and he said no. After he flinched from the butterfly landing on his face, she realizes that his big brother was scared of bugs, and Coin dragged her along because he was afraid to catch one on his own. Even though Coin tried to deny it, she was right about it, and she asked why he was scared of those bugs. Therefore, Coin went on a rant on how "horrible" those butterflies were.

After the monitor's announcement, Coin, who was worried of how many spots are left, told Penny that they really need to pick up the pace. To which she replies that the real matter is that he needs to pick it up and then she shows him the butterflies she collected. Coin was shocked and impressed that she did this. However, after telling her to give him one, Penny playfully teased Coin by putting the butterflies in his face, and Coin was trying to tell her that it's not time for horseplay right now. In retaliation, Coin kicked the butterflies out of Penny's foot and told her if she can stop torturing him like that. She gasped and said that she was just trying to have some fun, and he didn't need flip off like that. Though Coin knew he didn't have to do that, he responded saying that it was necessary, and he left on his own to try and catch some butterflies. Penny did the same thing as well.

During OSO Novel and Guarana talk, she managed to find some butterflies and she was safe from voting. However, she felt bad for what she did to Coin.

To make it up to him, she bought his favorite soda pop from the vending machine off-screen. She later found Coin in an open field of butterflies flying above him. After Coin kicked OFGB's flower gift and started ranting on how he couldn't catch a butterfly, she interrupted his little rant by talking to him if he needed a break. Then, Coin questioned how long was she sitting there. She said at the time when the insults started and playfully teased him again if that's his strategy on catching the butterflies. As Coin was about to tell off her sister again, she interrupted again by telling him to sit which he reluctantly did after a couple of seconds. Then, he asked why did she come to see him if not to rub in how better she is than him. She give him his soda pop and apologized for making him angry earlier about the butterflies. Coin then commented on how she remembered his favorite drink to which she replied that she wouldn't forget her favorite brother's drink. Then, Coin apologized for the way he acted towards her and that he acted like a baby. She forgave him and said that she doesn't know what the exchange rate is but she wouldn't trade him for the world scuffs and all. Then, Coin, tearfully, said thanks to her and she said anything for my big brother, to which Coin chuckled saying her only big brother.


  • Penny is one of the two coin contestants in OSO. The other one being Coin.
  • She is the only OSO contestant with a brother.
  • Given her reaction to being put inside Sippy Cup, she may have claustrophobia.
  • Penny was confirmed to be transgender in the OSO discord.
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