Paisley has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 1. He is the voice actor of best girl Pink Dango.


One very important thing you need to know about this insect is his non-existant intelligence and his disabled sense of humour. This kid once exploded with painful micspam in the web game known by many as when he had the genius idea founded in his disgusting greasy thinking machine that repeatedly drawing the characters taking a piss was considered funny. The biggest victim of this catastrophe was the infamous Black Square. Poor Black Square.


OSO Intro

- Drew third frame for Crayon Box

- Drew pose for Red Crayon

OSO 1/2

- Voiced Pink Dango


  • Lezan is known for being and doing poorly in many camps, specifically playing as Mariana from TROC 4 and Carpy from BIG. He is signing up for more though, unfortunately.
  • He has a pet dog named Murphy who barks frequently in VC.
  • He does better doing traditional art and has changed styles frequently, although he believes he has settled on a style.
  • Lezan got a 1030 on the SAT. He's an average kid that no one understands.
  • His dumbass has claimed to be black, except for the fact that he's not. Must be colourblind. (im not)
  • He has never gotten in trouble during High School.
  • Lezan does not have Adobe Animate.


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