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LATEST EPISODE: The Good, the Bad, and the ********
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Following a shocking twist during the elimination, the contestants find themselves in a challenge where they need to put on plays, but each one of them have very different ideals on how to go about it.

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Fun Facts
  • Open Source Objects has a credited crew of over 500 people.
  • Hexagon, who created the show, is actually on the crew of the famous object show, Battle for the Respect of Roboty.
  • Even though the wiki's highest activity is in April of 2019, it was actually founded in February of the same year.
Who do you think should get eliminated?

The poll was created at 09:09 on September 10, 2019, and so far 355 people voted.
Whose play do you think deserved to win?

The poll was created at 09:17 on September 10, 2019, and so far 253 people voted.
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About OSO

Open Source Objects is an object show that anyone can help out with. Created by Hexagon, it is currently being organized by Dunkel Blau, LorenTzel, Satomi, Yellow Pancake and wolfolotl.

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Featured Article
Glowing Heart

Glowing Heart is a female character competing in Open Source Objects.

Glowing Heart is legless, and able to fly. She is very caring and enjoys helping people out. Despite her ability to fly, Glowing Heart is afraid of heights.

Glowing Heart is the Featured Article of the month! Check her out here!

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August 30th, 2019: The Discord has been integrated into the server! Expect to see it on every page!

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