These are the official rules for the Open Source Objects Wiki.

Official Rules

You can be warned or blocked from the wiki for the following offenses.

Level 1 Offenses

  • Leaking private information from the discord server, including spoilers. (This also includes fake spoilers and rumors.)

Level 2 Offenses

  • Vandalism and attempting to vandalize the wiki, including adding false information and images to articles.
  • Raiding, threatening to raid, and recruiting others to raid this wiki or other wikis.

Level 3 Offenses

  • Exposing people's personal information.
  • NSFW or sexually explicit images/language.
  • Swearing heavily, using slurs, or directing light profanity at other people.
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and any other bigotry or discrimination against any group of people.


  • Warning (level 1)
  • Temporary Block (Level 2)
  • Ban (Level 3)

Three warnings result in a temporary block, and three temporary blocks result in a ban. These rules can be changed at anytime by any wiki staff member.

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