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Open Source Objects is an ongoing animated Youtube series that released its first episode on April 5th, 2019. Almost anyone can contribute to its production through first joining its Discord, then signing up as a writer, animator, storyboarder, audio engineer, and/or so-on.


Off the coast of a large metropolis stands The Dome, where a competition show takes place inside it. While the prize is undefined, the show has 32 contestants and is hosted by Crayon Box, assisted by her co-hosts Blue Crayon, Green Crayon, Red Crayon, and Yellow Crayon.

Every episode, a challenge is introduced for the contestants to overcome. A small fraction of contestants who fail the challenge are put up for elimination at the end of the episode, whereas viewers of the show can vote for who they want eliminated.

What sets Open Source Objects apart from other shows in its genre is the inclusion of hundreds of willing animators, writers, drawers, audio engineers and more. By simply joining the discord, advertised in every episode, you can work on the show as well!


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Thirty-two contestants compete in Open Source Objects:

Episode List

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  1. "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"
  2. "Your Opinion is Invalid"
  3. "The Good, the Bad, and the ********"
  4. "The Butterfly Effect"
  5. "Oh Snap!"
  6. "Laser? I Hardly Know Her!"