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This article is an autobiography of a contributor for Open Source Objects. If you aren't NotARealGuy, please cite the source.

NotARealGuy has contributed to Open Source Objects since OSO 2.




Current voice of Yellow Crayon.

I'll be thinking about drawing or audio engineering, but let's just wait.


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Objectsona This user regrets listening to juice ecads's stori- no, scratch that. Please listen to them, he’s got enough stories for the whole day.


  • He is an administrator of the Battle for Dream Island wiki, along with Catworld.
  • Catworld added the above fact
  • He plays the piano, and stuff. Ding ding, piano
  • He's usually awake between 20:00-12:00 UTC, which you can check by looking at the toolbar on the bottom of the page. It's on the right.
  • Ew third person

I fear the time when people on the internet will quote something I have never said.

~ Beethoven, ca. 1813
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