Nail Clippers is a female character competing in Open Source Objects.


She’s a moody teenager who doesn’t usually talk unless it’s with close friends or via text. She is a very serious person who is sarcastic. She won’t smile very often, but appreciates good jokes. She listens to lots of death metal rock and 1980s music. She is very frail, but doesn’t really use her brain to help with anything as she’s always distracted by something. She is somehow pretty good at winning a fist fight, though.


Nail Clippers is a light grey, metal nail clipper.


Episode 1 - "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

Nail Clippers makes her verbal debut as she gets impatient that the host has yet to turn up. But when Crayon Box shows up, Nail Clippers is immediately suspicious and demands to know who she is. This, however, provokes the Crayons into taking her questions as impolite. During the challenge, with three balloons tied around her, Nail Clippers' assistance is wanted by Roulette Wheel. She is humored by the pickle the armless contestants got themselves into. Despite agreeing to help, Nail Clippers is unable to reach Incense Holder's balloons. To accommodate for this, Nail Clippers instead unties all of his balloons, sending him crashing to his death. Nail Clippers doesn't try to help any further, but is safe when White Dango bites through her balloons.

Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

As the contestants are all pairing up, Nail Clippers tries to pair up with Retainer, who rejects her because of what she did to Incense Holder last episode. Nail Clippers doesn't take it too badly and instead runs off to partner up with Black Square, who agrees to be her partner.

During the challenge, Tart runs into Black Square, causing an argument between Tart and Nail Clippers. OSO Novel warns Tart to end the conflict but neither Nail Clippers or Tart stop arguing. Eventually, Nail Clippers orders Black Square to kick Tart and OSO Novel, which he reluctantly does, putting Tart and OSO Novel up for elimination.

Nail Clippers and Black Square do not fall and are safe.

Episode 3 - "The Good, The Bad, and The ********"

In the play, she was placed on Red Crayon's team. She had the role of playing Sippy Cup's sword. However, Sippy Cup got into an argument with Organic Fruit & Grain Bar, so NC was used to swordfight with OFGB. In the middle of it all, NC said that this pirate idea was the worst and nobody bothered to listen. As she was ranting about the play, she caught the stage and set on fire after SC strike Incense Holder's incense.

Episode 4 - "The Butterfly Effect"



Ep 3: Burned to death

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