Microphone is a male character competing in Open Source Objects.


Microphone is very prideful and confident in himself. He is very passionate for voice-acting. He is so good at throwing his voice, he can mimic anyone’s voice almost perfectly. He is constantly mistaken for other microphones on other object shows, which agitates him immensely. He doesn’t take anything seriously, which is often quite annoying. He doesn’t work well in teams and tends to do his own thing. Often times he is good at causing people to follow him in whatever he’s doing, whenever that thing is logical or not.


Microphone has a grey handle and a black, puffy top.


Episode 1 - "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

Microphone's first act during the challenge is to untie the two balloons tied to him. His velocity pops Black Square's balloons as well, sending both of them to their death, putting them up for voting.

Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

During elimination, Microphone asks for clarification about the reasoning behind the prize. It is then revealed that he is the fourth contestant safe with 50 votes.

When Loren walks out early, Microphone asks Crayon Box if he was eliminated. She tells him that Black Square was the one who was supposed to be eliminated.

Microphone begins looking for a partner for the challenge, and eventually settles on Pitcher. He climbs inside of him, much to Pitcher's annoyance. However, once he gets inside, Pitcher calms down. Later on, Graffiti shoots a ball at Pitcher, but it bounces right off of him.

Microphone tries to decide if he will stay inside of Pitcher and be safe, or leave and not be bored out of his mind. He attempts to leave, with Pitcher's approval, but as soon as he starts to climb out, Pitcher gets frustrated and forces him back inside, which confuses Microphone. In the end, the pair do not fall, and are safe from elimination.

Episode 3 - "The Good, The Bad, and The ********"

In the setup of the play challenge, he was placed on Yellow Crayon’s team. After Server died from a falling light crashing onto him, Yellow Crayon approached him and asked if he can do impressions of people. He responded ‘yes‘. After YC asked him to prove it, he did an exact impression of YC. Yellow Crayon then told him that he will a backup in case anything goes wrong.

In the play, he was portrayed as the host who would later backstab his contestants.

After playing his part in the show, Yellow Crayon handed him the script and told him to voiceover OSO Novel since she didn’t know her lines very well. When it came to OSO Novel’s lines, he voiceover her single line.

In Blue Crayon’s play, Guarana was struggling over his lines, so Black Square quickly went to Microphone. He handed him a script of BC’s play and grabbed him. At first after looking at script, he was unsure but after BS pleaded and begged him he was convinced to voiceover Guarana. Also, he owe BS after killing him in the first challenge.

Episode 4 - "The Butterfly Effect"

In the Challenge, he was barely trying to catch a butterfly. After Coaster called him out on his lack of trying, he soon discovered that Phonograph was handing out free butterflies. After he got up, he went to Phonograph to catch some butterflies. However, Coaster saw what Microphone and the others were doing and she told them that they were “exploiting“ her kindness. After Coaster got Phonograph to stop sharing her butterflies, Microphone just unintentionally told her that he and Nail Clippers were using her for benefits, which leaves NC and Phonograph in anger and shock.

After Incense Holder stopped Putty’s runaway jar, Microphone and Nail Clippers saw the two butterflies in Putty’s jar and took them without the jar’s consent. Microphone showed Crayon Box the butterfly and was declared safe.


Ep 1: Tried to get up from the fall but ended up dying

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