Loren is a male character no longer competing in Open Source Objects.


Loren's human OC competed in Open Source Objects. In OSO 2, he left the game, assuming he got the most votes when he in fact did not. He is the first contestant to leave the show.


Generally a cool guy, Loren doesn’t say much, instead opting to be faintly recognizable in the background with other characters. He tends to steal women out of relationships and is very smooth with the ladies. He is very passionate, kind, and thoughtful. He is a great writer and is a lover, not a fighter.


Loren is (presumably) a human character with white skin, donning clothes that all have a type of gray in part of the colors. He wears a backwards hat, grey pants, a sweatshirt, a t-shirt, and shoes. His hair is in two big elliptical poofs. He is the second tallest contestant, losing only to Dango.


"Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart" (Episode 1)

Loren first appears silently in conversation with Coin. With four balloons tied around his waist, Loren manages to entangle himself in their strings during the challenge. His frustrations prove fruitless, as he is unable to untie himself, leaving him up for elimination.

"Your Opinion is Invalid" (Episode 2)

Along with the other seven who lost the first challenge, Loren is seen in the elimination area. When he was in the bottom two with Black Square, he got out of his seat and left the building, assuming he was eliminated. Crayon Box attempted to stop him, but he already left, unaware that he would be safe. Black Square was considered safe and took Loren's place.


LorenTzel has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 1.


Generally a cool guy, Loren doesn’t say much, preferring to keep to himself and to small circles. Fairly insecure, he often fears for the worst and feels out of place, particularly if he makes a mistake exclusive to humanoids. As a defense mechanism, he willingly isolates himself in order to avoid facing potentially bad outcomes. He's thoughtful and encourages others to pursue artistic ambitions.


OSO Intro

  • Illustrated a frame of Crayon Box
  • Illustrated the pose for Loren
  • Illustrated the character lettering for Phonograph
  • Animated the run-cycle for Loren


  • Did some minor writing for this episode
  • He storyboarded Scene 19.
  • He had animated Scene 17.

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