In the planning stages of OSO 1, dozens of characters were requested to participate in the show. Many were deemed too uninteresting or too similar to an already existing contestant, so they were cut.

Scrapped Characters

Image Name Gender Information
Growing Sausage.png Growing Sausage Male ♂ Growing sausage is an average sized contestant. He’s easily scares or intimidated, and could be labeled as a doormat. He grows a little when scared or afraid as a sort of defense mechanism, and it can also be controlled self-maliciously. He doesn’t like growing but will if needed, and ends will grow back if you chop a bit off.

(Asset belongs to EpicBattler3)

Neapolitan Unknown N/A
Sesame Ball.png Sesame Ball Male ♂ Sesame Ball is a Chill, laid back guy, and is easy to talk to. He is a well-known chef who loves eating all kinds of food, especially el Salvadorian food. He’s exciting and really fun to have around. He often disagrees with people's’ opinions, he is very respectful, but still tends to get into a lot of arguments. He is passionate of learning about all kinds of different cultures.

(Replaced with Dango)

(Asset belongs to Echostrikes)

Slim Jim Male ♂ Totally epic dude, gets all the girls and is the slacker. He is friends with Logan Paul so that should describe his personality enough.
Coffee Cup Male ♂ He was on a cancelled show of mine and now he is here. Coffee Cup is a psychopathic character either spazzes out, or if he is really pushed, beats up people when he is angered. Since he is easier to anger, people tend to avoid him. However, when he is not mad, he shows signs of thoughtfulness and rational logic and even a caring side at times. Coffee Cup also has a sassy and crass side where he can put down others. When his cup is filled with a different liquid, he can have his entire personality changed.
Hybrid Doll Female ♀ Replaced with Paintball.
Tissues Male ♂ N/A
Marker Unknown Replaced with Diamond.
Pink Crayon Female ♀ Was originally going to be a part of crayon box and was meant to be missing throughout the series.
Purple Crayon Female ♀ N/A
White Crayon Unknown Another Crayon meant to be lost.
Postcard Male ♂ N/A
Frozen Yogurt Female ♀ N/A
Gumball Female ♀ N/A
roboty Male ♂ N/A
Legendary Male ♂ N/A
Bowtie Noodle Female ♀ N/A

Scrapped Characters from Other Object Shows

These characters are from the first OSO created that have been scrapped for obvious reasons.

  • Balloony
  • Baseball
  • Big Benny
  • Blue Bracelety
  • Bomby
  • Bottle
  • Cake
  • Cloudy
  • David
  • Donut
  • Eeshle
  • Evil Liy
  • Explosive
  • Fanny
  • Flower
  • Gelatin
  • Golf Ball
  • Ice Cube
  • Lighty
  • Liy
  • Melony
  • Microphone
  • Needle
  • Nickel
  • Nickle
  • Paper Towellete
  • Pepper
  • Rhombicosidodecahedrony
  • Roboty
  • Salt
  • Shark Bear Berry
  • Succulent
  • TV
  • Taco
  • Teardrop
  • Tree
  • Triangle
  • Tub Of Lard
  • Weighty
  • Woody

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