Cologne OSO 4 Intro

"Don’t touch my spray nozzle!" - Cologne
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A comprehensive list of every episode and short released for Open Source Objects.

Season 1

No. In Series No. In Season Title Card Title Synopsis Eliminated Votes Air Date
1 1 OSO1Thumbnail "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart" 32 new contestants are introduced to The Dome, a place where the proceeding competition will occur. Once they meet the host, the challenge starts — and it’s not as low-down as some contestants wanted it to be. Literally. None None April 5th, 2019
2 2 OSO2Thumbnail "Your Opinion is Invalid" After the first contestant leaves the show, the contestants are stacked, and so are a few contestant’s odds. Each duo of stacked contestants must do what they must, whether it be to sabotage or manipulate to make it to the end of this nerve-wracking challenge. Loren
(166 votes)[1]
793 June 19th, 2019
3 3 OSO 3 Thumbnail The Good, the Bad, and the ******** Following a shocking twist during the elimination, the remaining competitors find themselves put in teams of 7 (or 8) to make a theatrical play, and not all the drama is onstage. Inhaler (850 votes)[2] 2,834 September 8th, 2019
4 4 12555604-6F04-4A04-9E9E-8C37AD7A7842 The Butterfly Effect After another contestant leaves the show, the next challenge is introduced. Stand back as relationships, alliances, and teams are broken in this new episode of Open Source Objects. Don’t let that bug you.. Retainer (883 votes) 2,443 February 14th, 2020
  1. It was originally Black Square (219 votes), but Loren assumed he was eliminated and left.
  2. It was a tie between him and Cologne, so Crayon Box settled it with a tiebreaker. Inhaler lost.
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