King Beeleth, also known as BEELETH, has contributed to Open Source Objects since Episode 1. They are not active in the OSO Discord server, but occasionally post art they are proud of. They are considering helping more with the show in the future by producing artwork or music.


BEELETH thrives off the happiness of themselves and others, and enjoy the company of their friends. They are easily distracted by things more enjoyable than what they are meant to be doing. They are most confident and happy when around people they like.

They are a little stubborn and short-sighted, but not with bad intentions. They are also a little bad at noticing details and are known to overlook obvious things. Their concept of time is horrible.


OSO Intro


  • Prior to joining OSO, they went by various names online, including Seaweed, CC, Euclid, Asteridae, Spilly, and Vinegar among other names. They no longer use these names personally.
  • BEELETH's largest interest is their original characters. The majority of their other interests are music-related, including Yoeko Kurahashi, Susumu Hirasawa, P-MODEL, and The Residents.
  • They use the same name as their persona, King Beeleth.
    • This name and title are derived from the thirteenth goetic demon, King Beleth.
    • Their persona uses he/they pronouns while they use exclusively they/them pronouns.
    • King Beeleth was once their booksona, but has since been replaced by OFTEN.
  • They have played both Roblox and Neopets for around a decade each.
    • In The Neighborhood of Robloxia, they have several of their character designs available for use by searching their username in the outfit search.
    • Some notable Robloxians they have met in-game are CloneTrooper1019 (in Club Boates), ChickenEngineer (in the 2020 Lil Nas X virtual concert), and servez_2build (childhood friend).
    • More specifically, their oldest Roblox account was created in 2011. Their main Neopets account was created in 2010.
  • They make music on Garageband and artwork on ibisPaint.
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