JebbyBoyo has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 1.


Jeb is very stupid and hates being called Jebby. It makes very dumb decisions and honestly doesn't know what its doing most of the time. Did i mention it's stupid?


OSO Intro(Server Run, frame 54 of crayon box)

OSO 1 (Part when Pitcher kIndLY asks Inhaler to get him to the bottom.)


Jeb is black irl.

Jeb has the same birthday as US President Donald J. Trump. Also they both have a multiple of 3 amount of letters in their first name.

It broke its thumb by playing Tetris 99 and when the Final 10 music played, a bumblebee ended up infront of it and it slammed its left hand down onto the nintendo switch to kill it but ended up slamming the edge of the wooden table.

Jeb is also the second son of god, no questions asked, already real.

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