How could I manage to be outsmarted?

Inhaler is a male contestant in Open Source Objects.


He is very geeky and wears glasses. He can rant on for hours about things nobody cares about. He always tries to correct people at every turn and jumps into conversations that don’t involve him whatsoever in an attempt to gain friends. He also looks for trouble just to look edgy and cool, but he ends up embarrassing himself every time. He is very knowledgeable about popular culture and would likely be very good at trivia type challenges. Inhaler is likely good friends with Vape.


Inhaler is a Minty Blue asthma inhaler with a light blue top and square glasses. His hole acts as his mouth.


Episode 1 - "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

In the challenge, Inhaler, with three balloons tied to his body, is commanded by Pitcher to help him get down. Inhaler combats Pitcher's aggressive manner by suggesting that being nicer would make Pitcher more approachable. However, Inhaler's advice is retaliated by Pitcher popping all three of his balloons in one punch. Later on, Inhaler meets back up with Server to finish an off-screen discussion they started.

Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

While the contestants are pairing up, Inhaler sees Vape get rejected by Paintball, who had already teamed up with Server. Inhaler approaches Vape and assures him that Paintball will be fine, as Server is very reliable. Vape continues walking until Inhaler asks him to team up, to which Vape agrees, and Inhaler climbs on top of him.

Inhaler goes on and on about useless armadillo facts during the challenge, which heavily annoys Vape. While Inhaler is demonstrating how armadillos have bad eyesight by taking off his glasses, he gets hit in the back by a ball that Graffiti launched, and falls off of Vape, putting the two up for elimination.

Episode 3 -"The Good, the Bad, and the ********"

Inhaler can be seen walking up to Cologne and debating about who should be eliminated.

At the elimination, Inhaler was sitting along with the 7 others. Inhaler ties with Cologne with exactly 850 votes. The tiebreaker is to turn on the spotlights via one switch. Inhaler pushes Cologne off of the platform and runs to switch the switch. However, before that could happen Cologne uses his spray nozzle to fly up back onto the platform kicking inhaler before he could toggle the switch. Finally, Cologne switches the switch, turning on the spotlights, which left Inhaler to be eliminated.


  • Inhaler was originally going to be red, as seen in the OSO Auditions video. [1]


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