Something I'm good at...That's....Getting in the way!

Incense Holder is a male character competing in Open Source Objects.


A somewhat socially awkward character, he enjoys supporting close friends but isn’t very talkative himself. He is very loyal and protective of the people he cares about. Because he doesn’t talk a whole much, people become intimidated by him. He comes off as very mysterious. He never knows why people don’t want to talk to him and takes it to heart. He is a good listener. He has a hard time telling people how he feels whenever something bothers him, causing him to get stepped on.


Incense Holder is a brown object with a rod (incense) sticking out. When the incense is removed, he becomes the shortest character.


Episode 1 - "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

Incense Holder, with four balloons tied to his body, makes his verbal debut by trying to get the help and attention of Organic Fruit & Grain Bar. Despite the struggles of Coin, Penny, Retainer, and Roulette Wheel, Incense Holder rarely visibly makes any further effort to help himself down. Incense Holder later sides with Roulette Wheel's defeatist outlook, to which Penny agrees, prompting Coin to label them losers.

The armless contestants finally manage to gain the assistance of Nail Clippers, where she attempts to get at Incense Holder's balloons. After failing to grab them directly, she instead unties all four balloons at once. This causes Incense Holder to immediately fall to the ground and shatter, automatically putting him up for elimination.

Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

Incense Holder is revealed to be safe from elimination with only 34 votes. In the challenge, he is paired with Coaster when she climbs inside of Incense Holder to get away from Diamond, despite him not asking to pair with her. He is safe from elimination due to Coaster not falling off.

Episode 3 - "The Good, the Bad, and the *******"

Incense Holder is placed on Red Crayon’s team. While rehearsing, Incense Holder is assigned to be the ship. In rehearsal, Incense Holder reveals that he doesn’t know his rights and lefts. Red Crayon is mad, and says that in this play, there are only starboard and port. During the final play, Incense Holder screams when he sets on fire.

Episode 4 - "The Butterfly Effect"

Incense Holder thinks he is worthless, due to small amount of things he has done. Blob, (with the help of Putty) teaches him that he is just as good as his friends. He later discovers the one thing that he is good at, getting in the way. This leads him to win the challenge by getting in the way of Putty's jar (which is filled with butterflies) and causing it to fall over. Incense Holder also ends up saving Censored, Nail Clippers, and Microphone from being up for elimination (They all took a butterfly from Putty's fallen jar).


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  • If you take away Incense Holder's rod, he becomes the shortest OSO contestant
  • In OSO 4, it is known that triangles make him nervous


Ep 1: Fell to his death (Off Screen)

Ep 3: Burned to death

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