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BandanaBlitzer is a user who used to contribute to OSO since Episode 4.


He’s a little confused, but he’s got spirit.


In: The Butterfly Effect

  • Drew still 17f
  • Animated shot 17h (OW MY FINGER SHRANK)

did stuff in both shorts and episode 5 (way to be concise)

Fun facts

HB is the one who is mostly responsible for the “mat has” meme.

  • It began during The Long Lost Episode’s production, where another user’s message glitched underneath HB’s render of the train seen in the short, leading the words “mat has” to appear through the transparent windows. As a result, HB decided to hide these words behind the right window of the train in the final animation. He is planning to hide “mat has” in his future work.

HB hopes this show will awaken hope and skill within others, like it did for him.

OSO is a great show with a fairly good community, everyone is here for a good time. It can teach you new life lessons and add to your skillset. For anyone just browsing the wiki, i kindly ask of you to join the show’s server and give production a try. You can sign up for anything and work on something. Make friends, and together you can help build a great episode that will be cherished for years.

Love always,


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