Guarana is a male character competing in Open Source Objects.


Relatively small compared to the other contestants. He is a thrill-seeking daredevil and will try anything deadly or dangerous. He is extroverted and likes being around people and cracking jokes. He loves making even the most mundane activities into something extreme and dangerous. He is very good at parkour and skateboarding. He is stubborn and doesn’t listen when warned about how dangerous his actions are. He’s always trying to show off and prove himself to everyone. He doesn’t care if he gets hurt.


Guarana is a hard, red plant bud with one green leaf. This case opens to reveal a black seed inside. Guarana can open and close this carapace at will.


Guarana was the 15th character to be suggested in OSO, who was suggested by Jendes. LorenTzel, Hexagon, Connor, and Fish who were the contributors that influenced/created Guarana's design and asset.


Episode 1 - "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

Guarana makes his verbal debut already past the intro, perplexed by the "open-source" nature of the show, though he is dismissed. Guarana later, with three balloons tied around his body, declares to Graffiti the challenge easy. As an act of assistance to mend the disparity between the two's physical sturdiness, Guarana seemingly aligns himself with Graffiti, plotting with him to sabotage others. However, Guarana later abandons this plan out of boredom, suddenly popping his balloons and plummeting safely. After safety, Guarana again questions Crayon Box about uncertain outcomes and again is left unanswered.

Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

Graffiti asks Guarana to pair up with him by morphing into the words "Team Up?", to which he responds by laughing and telling Graffiti that he didn't know he could do that. Graffiti tells him that he can do much more than that, and the two pair up for the challenge.

During the challenge, Guarana and Graffiti discuss their plan. Graffiti wants to go with the method of complete destruction, and Guarana attempts to get him to tone it down a bit. Graffiti tells Guarana to trust him, and that it'll work. Graffiti then asks Guarana if he has anything on him. Guarana tells him he has a ball, and Graffiti launches it at Pitcher and Microphone with his paint-shifting ability. The ball bounces off of Pitcher and hits Coin in the face. It once again bounces, hitting Inhaler and knocking him off of Vape, causing Inhaler and Vape to lose.

The pair are surprised but happy that they at least got someone. Graffiti does not end up falling off of Guarana, keeping the two safe from elimination.

Episode 3 - "The Good, The Bad, and The ********"

Guarana is placed on Blue Crayon's team in the challenge. He is seen preparing for the play, asking ******** about his lines, and showing reluctance at saying the (presumably obscene) thing they instructed. He is also seen at one point talking with Graffiti. During the play, Black Square found Guarana napping when he was meant to be on-stage soon. Once on-stage, Guarana fumbled over his line, causing Black Square to run off and beg Microphone to dub for him. Despite Guarana's fumbles, the team's play was enough of a success to rank first among the judges, making the team safe.

Episode 4 - "The Butterfly Effect"

As the challenge starts, Guarana tells Graffiti that he wants to work alone this challenge, which Graffiti responds to with masked disappointment. Guarana dashes off in pursuit of a butterfly, eventually coming across OSO Novel in the forest. Guarana comments that he wishes he had stuck with Graffiti, given his lack of success in the challenge. Guarana then convinces OSO Novel to open up about her problems, and the two share a heart-to-heart about the struggles of forging their own path. The talk lifts OSO Novel's spirits, and she thanks Guarana and leaves. Guarana then sets his sights back on catching the butterfly, sprinting desperately after it but failing to catch it before Organic Fruit & Grain Bar takes the last immunity slot.

Up for elimination, Guarana watches melancholy as the butterfly he pursued flies into the distance. Guarana commends the butterfly on putting up a good fight, and the butterfly bonks into the dome.


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