You just gotta wait and witness my litness.

Graffiti is a male character competing in Open Source Objects.


Attempts to be swaggy and hip with the kids, but fails miserably each time. He tends to come off as rude and acts childish. He has a passion for painting on walls and pulling pranks on unsuspecting people. Being made of spray paint he has the ability to shift his form into other spray paint like forms (like other contestants for example) although he always has to retain some yellow on him. Often has a hard time reading people and gets into trouble because of it. He always wants to make people smile.


Graffiti is a round, rugged, yellow and black object which seems to resemble a spray-painted doodle. His limbs are not fully colored and somewhat marker-like, and he has no outlines.


Episode 1 - "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

Graffiti initiates the first challenge by arguing with Guarana over the difficulty of the contest. To amend this, Guarana and Graffiti join forces to sabotage other contestants. However, once Guarana drops from the plan, Server (one of the victims of sabotage) accosts Graffiti's balloons. This sends him plummeting to his death, splattering on the ground next to where Guarana stood. His death automatically put him up for elimination.

Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

During elimination, Graffiti is revealed as the fifth one safe with 87 votes. After Loren gets up and leaves, Graffiti appears shocked along with everyone else in the elimination room.

Graffiti spots Guarana and forms the words "Team Up?" in order to ask him to pair up for the challenge, revealing his shape-shifting powers. Guarana agrees and Graffiti climbs on top of him. At the start of the contest, Guarana asks if Graffiti has a plan, and he does, which is total destruction. Guarana tells him it isn't a great idea, but Graffiti tells Guarana to trust him, and that his plan will help them.

Later on, Graffiti launches a ball that Guarana gave him at Pitcher and Microphone. It bounces off of Pitcher and flies over to hit Coin in the face, once again bouncing, this time into Inhaler. The impact from the ball knocks Inhaler off of Vape, causing Inhaler and Vape to lose. Graffiti and Guarana are thankful that they got someone, even if they weren't the intended target. Graffiti doesn't fall off of Guarana for the rest of the challenge, meaning they are both safe.

Episode 3- "The Good, the Bad, and the ********"

Graffiti was placed on Blue Crayon's team for the episode. Before the play, Graffiti is seen in the background occasionally talking to Guarana.

During the play, he was playing the role of Blob's beautiful head of hair. This gets revealed when Putty tells him he can stop being a wig, but he's hesitant to change back because of Putty's compliments.

Episode 4- "The Butterfly Effect"

When the challenge first begins, Guarana approaches Graffiti and tells him that he's going solo. Graffiti gets disappointed, but tries to hide it. Graffiti is the first one safe in the challenge, catching a butterfly after one appears in front of him.

Graffiti is later seen sulking in the background as Coaster struggles to catch a butterfly.

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  • Graffiti is the first ever contestant to be up for elimination.
    • He is also the first contestant to die in the show.
  • Graffiti is the first one to win immunity in The Butterfly Effect.


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