FunnyBoy044 has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 2.


Funny, supposedly. Also, will usually work pretty hard on some stuff.



  • Illustrated scene 2w


  • Additional Writing (Scene 21 has some stuff by me in it)
  • Animated scene 16n
  • Animated scene 18r
  • Drew Microphone in the thumbnail


  • Additional Writing
  • Animated scene 2o

Short 1

  • Animated scene 6h
  • Drew Crayon Box in the thumbnail


  • Co head-writer (woah that was unexpected)
  • Animated scene 7k
  • Animated scene 10j
  • Animated scene 15aa

Short 2

  • Additional Writing
  • Animated scene 1g


  • He was part of the infamous OSO VC Gang from September 2019 until it fased out in mid-late 2020. He is known for existing and stuff involving his OC Yellow Diamond. He is noticeably the first of the VC Gang to become head writer.
  • He is nicknamed Funny, though he prefers Funnyboy since funny is already an adjective.
  • He is not 100% proud of his earliest content.
  • He also animated for TOP (a show similar to OSO) and OSOATVC (the unofficial sh*tpost spin-off to OSO).
  • He was once caught singing "Revenge" alongside Deltarson/Pastry/Whiskey and EtherealPuffin by SongGame.
  • Sometimes he makes games. He made one game that kinda sucked called The Assassin. He is also co-directing the OSO Game with some_nerd.
  • He does stuff for CS (by EtherealPuffin) and Object_(by InsanimationStudios), two shows that aren't out yet but will be in the future.
  • He is currently competing in the discord camp Scram School as Moldy Orange Popsicle.
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