Extension Cord is a female character competing in Open Source Objects.


She feels like everybody hates her and constantly tries to hide from people. She also has a broken plug from an incident involving people attacking her. It occasionally sparks and can hurt people. She is very quick to apologize and always feels guilty. She is very kind and considerate. She never fights back and is considered a doormat. She has a passion for improv and is fairly good at it.


Extension Cord is a red-orange extension cord with a grey-purple base. While being a pushover, she does have one thing that makes her mad- people leaving her plugged in overnight! "It's such a waste of electricity," she stated, "and I hate the shock of waking up in the morning!" (Yes, she has heard quite a few of Corny's jokes in her day)


Episode 1 - "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

Extension Cord first appears after her balloons had already been popped, where she is seen falling through the air alongside Phonograph. She thanks Phonograph for her unseen assistance. She later asks who the last, unsafe contestant is.

Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

In "Your Opinion is Invalid", Extension Cord is approached by Diamond in her effort to find a partner for the stacking challenge. Diamond remarks that Extension Cord is cool and tall, so they should team up together. Extension Cord tells her that she thought she wouldn't do any good, but Diamond assures her that she'll do great.

Later on, during the challenge, Diamond tells Extension Cord that she's doing great, and also comes up with a team name for the two (ECAD). Extension Cord laughs and tells Diamond that she might be over-doing it a bit. The two are then approached by both Glowing Heart and Cologne, who Extension Cord is scared might sabotage her and Diamond. Cologne tells Extension Cord that they have good intentions and were just bored so they were looking for another team.

After Cologne begins to mock Diamond and Extension Cord from above, Diamond takes Extension Cord's cord and wraps it around Cologne's leg. Extension Cord tries to warn Diamond from doing so, but is ignored. Diamond's plan fails, so she walks up the cord instead to pull Cologne down herself. As she is walking up, Extension Cord sees the cord sparking and yells at her to get down, but it's too late, and Diamond and Cologne are both electrocuted. Extension Cord leaps to catch Diamond before she hits the ground after falling out of the air, and barely catches her, making the two safe.

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