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EtherealPuffin has contributed to Open Source Objects since Episode 4.


EtherealPuffin spends her days mostly making a spreadsheet or two. EtherealPuffin is a literal demon and cannot under any circumstances be trusted.


OSO 4: The Butterfly Effect


  • Illustrated still 8cBGb


  • Composed Simple

The Long Lost Episode


  • Drew Film Reel in the thumbnail


  • Composed Seaside Hometown

Contributor Gallery

Episode 4

Short 1



  • It took EtherealPuffin one month and twenty-one days to write a trivia section.
    • Yes, she really took the time to calculate that.
  • EtherealPuffin actually lives in a pond, under the patches of lily pads you ignore because they are so unimaginably plain that you were unable to realize the even more mundane individual below them.
  • EtherealPuffin still calls this website "Wikia" because she never grew out of that habit apparently.
  • I keep typing these in the third person.
  • waffle
  • Rumor has it that EtherealPuffin, alongside Catchphrase, Rosie, RayInDaHaus9462, FunnyBoy044, Lore Starcutter, NotARealGuy and Sami are actually members of a cult, more commonly referred to as their group chat, The Dungeon. It is said that they waste hours laughing over the same joke in dub sessions and constantly die in Organ Trail in the most pathetic ways possible.
  • EtherealPuffin competed on Team Sugar in Art Fight 2020.
  • The still she made for OSO 4, is, after conclusive research, determined to be garbage.
  • EtherealPuffin for whatever reason decided to type out her full username every time when needed for this trivia section, and because of that you read out the entire five to six syllables in her name instead of saying "Puffin" or "EP", which are also nicknames that would be perfectly acceptable. If you are reading this, then you likely read the rest of this as well, to which I ask why did you waste your time on this page doing so?
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