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This article is an autobiography of a contributor for Open Source Objects. If you aren't EquatedTable, please cite the source.

"me..." ― Table, unknown.

EquatedTable has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 1. He is the recommender of Black Square.


Table is a person who likes to hang out and talk to people via social media sometimes. He also likes to be on Discord, always looking at unread messages in servers that he's in to avoid missing out feeds and announcements, especially memes. He tends to procrastinate at stuff sometimes, but could try to get out of it.



  • Recommended his character as mentioned above.

OSO Intro

  • Made the letter "O" (The first O in the title) for the first episode.


  • Made a background for 1f (0:24-0:27).


  • Made a background for 11o (14:11-14:16).


Contributions Shown:


  • As of now, both of his backgrounds he made has been featured with Red Crayon in it.
  • Black Square was one of his old OC's originating back in March 2016.
    • Before OSO, he doesn’t have any arms and even had a mouth, which he can be able to speak with.
  • March 2016 is actually the month and year where Table joins the OSC.
  • He started watching object shows (only BFDI) on November 2012, but lose interest of it 1 1/2 months later. He regains interest of it after he started watching II on July 2014, and watched more object shows then until late December 2014 where he lost interest of it again. He gains interest of them for the third time when he joined the OSC.
  • He has about over 200 OCs from March 2016 to now and he can’t remember a few of them.
  • He has made 6 object shows so far (Reality Coolers, Object Shorts, Object Crunchers, Battle For 8 Prizes, Battle For Firey Plush, and BOTCONBAP).
    • Out of all of them except BOTCONBAP and RC, four are permanently cancelled (OS, BF8P, BFFP, & OC).
      • BOTCONBAP and Reality Coolers are shows Table will be producing,
  • He is one of the original users in the OSO server.
    • FUN FACT: When he was typing in OUTDATED Black Square’s bio, he typed something in the words of: “Very bland character, and he’s just a gradient black square. Is liked by a few. He is very weak at almost everything. His personality is nice.”
  • He is currently the user with the most edits in this wiki (excluding bot-globals).
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