Just a little heads up, a majority of this stuff has been written back in 2019, I wasn't really... uhh knowing what cringe was lol, so yeah. Cringe warning :)

Echostrikes has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 1. He recommended Crayon Box.


He is a kind and honest guy, he respects the people he disagrees with, he's also quite shy and doesn't really DM people that much (unless it's a group DM), he's very dedicated to the show and will be until the maw's sleep!

He always likes to put differences aside, if he disagrees with someone, he accepts it as his own situation, instead on focusing on what him and the other person believe in differently, he always tries to find common ground with the person, making everything run smoothly again (hopefully).


OSO Intro:

  • He's done frame 30 for the Crayon box spinning
  • Did the graffiti running

OSO 1:

  • He's animated 6 scenes, some took about 3 hours to get done, some took 5 days.
  • He voiced red crayon, but was kinda upset he only had 2 lines
  • Storyboards: He agrees it was difficult to understand (he did scene 15)

OSO 2:

  • Voice acted
  • animated 3 scenes
  • reused graffiti run in the intro

OSO 3:

  • Voice acted
  • animated 2 scenes (one isnt his fault for the constant flaws in it, trust me)
  • reused graffiti animation

Oso 4:

  • Voice acted
  • animation break


  • He was the 7th person to join Oso!
  • He is a true animal lover, and will do anything for them!
  • Crayon box was one of his scrapped characters from his show
  • Before Oso, he recommended 2 scrapped characters (hybrid doll and sesame ball) both got replaced by Paintball and Dango
  • He created the total drama tropical paradise intro, as well as total drama seven seas!
  • His 2 favorite cartoons are Steven universe and The loud House
  • I have this Dot here as a congrats for actually reading all this! U disserve a star! 🌟
  • His hobbies are cooking, baking, singing, and drawing!
  • He loves echo sounds and the looks of lightning strikes.
  • His favorite Steven universe gem is bismuth
  • He actively supports people with autism, adhd, or any other form of disabilities!
  • my God noman whyyy

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