Diamond is a female character competing in Open Source Objects.


Determined and optimistic, Diamond will throw herself and anyone tagging along with her into physical competition with little hesitation. She has quite a bit of pride regarding her exploits, but her fixation on victory can make her irritable at times. Despite her optimism and over-the-top attitude, Diamond dreads rejection from her peers and will attempt to keep them interested at all costs. She is also rash and easily bored, leading her to seek action in any form it may take.


Diamond is a shallow, round-cut, colorless diamond. Despite this, her facets reflect a faint rainbow sheen.


Episode 1 - "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

Diamond first appears telling an uninterested Coaster about her go-karting prowess for the fourth time. Despite her repetition, she instead tells an onlooking Penny that they were discussing her sky-diving abilities, which Coaster corrects, though Penny still compliments Diamond's skills. During the challenge, Diamond pops her four balloons while talking to Coaster. Coaster then has to catch Diamond to prevent her untimely demise (although she didn't have to because she's a diamond), though the two eventually drift down to safety.

Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

During the teaming up portion of the challenge, Diamond attempts to pair up with Coaster, who ignores her and goes over to team up with Incense Holder instead. While looking for another person to pair with, she spots Extension Cord and runs over to ask her to team up with her. Extension Cord accepts, and the two start the challenge together. Diamond thinks of a team name for the two, which is ECAD (Extension Cord And Diamond).

Later, Diamond and Extension Cord are approached by Cologne and Glowing Heart. Cologne assures the two that he has good intentions and isn't there to sabotage them. Diamond comes up with another team name, this time for all four of them, ECCGHAD (Extension Cord, Cologne, Glowing Heart, And Diamond). Cologne and Glowing Heart are confused at the name, but continue the conversation. Glowing Heart asks Diamond and Extension Cord how the challenge is going for them, to which Diamond responds that it's going great and she bets that her and Extension Cord are going to win. Cologne pegs her as the confident type, and tells her she needs to back up what she said.

Diamond says "Of course I can" in response to Cologne, but Glowing Heart corrects her and tells her she means "we". Cologne tells her that it was her instinctive reactions, and Diamond attempts to rebut but is cut off by Cologne and Glowing Heart flying away.

Cologne later mocks Diamond from the sky, stating that he can feel the wind on his face and taste immunity, which sets Extension Cord off, who challenges Cologne and Glowing Heart. Diamond then throws and wraps Extension Cord's cord around Cologne's leg and attempts to pull him down, and is frustrated when it doesn't work. Ignoring Extension Cord's warnings, she instead runs up the cord and goes to pull Cologne down herself. Before she can reach him, the cord zaps and electrocutes both her and Cologne, sending them plummeting to the ground. Cologne hits the ground and is put up for elimination along with Glowing Heart. Extension Cord is able to catch Diamond in time before she hits the ground, though, making them safe.

Episode 3 - "The Good, The Bad, and The ********"

Diamond was placed on Green Crayon's team during the challenge. When the team pitched ideas, Diamond suggested they put on adventure play. During the play itself, Diamond played a bush, but interjected with explosion sound effects, even though nothing was meant to be exploding. Playing the antagonist, Coaster grabbed Diamond, claiming to have captured the 'loud and annoying brat'. Diamond was soon knocked out of Coaster's hands when the latter was kicked to the ground by Retainer. The team's slipshod play was disliked by the Dango, and so put them up for elimination.

Episode 4 - "The Butterfly Effect"

Diamond enthusiastically cheered on the elimination, and showed support for Extension Cord for getting the least votes. Diamond received the third-least amount of votes, and so was also safe.

During the challenge, Diamond saw Blob capture a butterfly by engulfing it, and tried to mimic their strategy. However, the butterfly ended up getting in Diamond's mouth, making her choke. She attempted to get the attention of Glowing Heart, but Glowing Heart merely shushed her. Eventually, when Glowing Heart turned in a butterfly, she also presented Diamond to Crayon Box, asking if the weird noises she was making meant she was broken. Diamond then spit up the butterfly onto Crayon Box, successfully completing the challenge. Diamond played all this off as something she planned.


  • Diamond's asset was originally based off of the Pikmin 2 object, Regal Diamond.
  • Diamond is the shortest contestant with complete limbs.
  • Diamond has been held by a girl in every episode.
    • They were (in chronological order) Coaster, Extension Cord, Coaster again, then Glowing Heart.


Intro: Got hit and shattered (Off Screen)

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