Dat Salty Person has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 1.


Dat Salty Person tries to be nice and kind as much as she can. However, this leads her to have trouble saying "no" to people.

Though she's easily distracted, she's a very big nerd especially when it comes to science (in particular, biology).

Salty also enjoys art and writing. She can often be found doodling in her spare time.


OSO Intro

  • Crayon Box frame #140

Episode 2

OSO Intro

  • Incense Holder pose


  • Salty found object shows through Cary Huang's videos.
  • Salty's favourite object show is Inanimate Insanity.
  • Her profile picture is a reference to a little joke AU in the Inanimate Insanity Discord where everyone acts like Toilet and has his mouth.
  • Her nickname came from her real life friends.
  • Meow and Salty went to the same school together
    • (Psst... and she's heccing awesome)

Contribution Photos

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