Dango are characters competing in Open Source Objects.


Green - he has a major fear of heights, so he's mostly in fear since he's at the top, he cares for his two other fellas more than himself. He has a stutter due to his bad communication skills.

White - very friendly, likes to help others out when she can, sometimes to the dismay of others.

Pink - is depressed, she enjoys being left alone and gets easily annoyed at the littlest things, her favorite color is transparent.


Dango is based on the Japanese food of the same name. They are composed of green, pale yellow, and pale pink balls, connected vertically by a light brown stick.


Episode 1 - "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

The Dango first appear as Pink Dango urges that they attempt to come up with a plan. White Dango tries to get Green Dango to untie their balloons, but he worries that, of the three balloons, he may untie too many. They are soon approached by Penny and Roulette Wheel, who need their help to burst their balloons. White Dango accepts, and she bites through Nail Clippers', Roulette Wheel's, Retainer's, Coin's, and Penny's balloons. Green Dango then unties all three of his own balloons, and the three are sent downward to safety.

Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

In "Your Opinion is Invalid", White Dango suggests that they pair up with Blob for the challenge. Pink Dango attempts to argue with her, but after Green Dango agrees with White Dango, she gives in and they ask Blob to team up. Blob is extremely pleased that they wanted to pair up, and their eyes shimmer with joy.

During the contest, Blob sits on top of Green Dango as White Dango tries to make conversation with them. Pink Dango is still annoyed that they chose Blob as they can't even respond to them. This makes Blob grow in size due to their anger, which makes Dango lopsided. They are about to fall over when Green Dango admits that he wanted to team up with Blob because he thought they were cool. Blob becomes happy again, and pats Green Dango on the head.

Later on, Pink Dango trips and sends Blob to the ground, causing them to be up for elimination. Crayon box jokes about how they couldn’t “Stick Together.” Pink Dango groans after they tripped and lands on Blob.

Episode 3 - "The Good, the Bad, and the ********"

In The Good, the Bad, and the ********, they become a judge for the challenge. Pink hated or just mildly disliked most if not all plays, White liked most plays, and was pretty nice overall. Green didn't seem to show much negative emotion over the plays that much, and mostly just didn't speak if they didn't like a play.

Episode 4 - "The Butterfly Effect"

The Dangos grab a butterfly from Phonograph and are safe, though White saw it as rude.



  • Dango's asset was reused from LorenTzel's Pikmin 2 to Objects as Triple Sugar Threat.[1] This is the same for Diamond's asset too.
  • Out of every contestants that was tallest (or shortest), Dango is the tallest contestant in OSO.


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