TheNameIsObby is a person who has contributed to Open Source Objects since they have joined episode 1. They recommended Holly.


Obby's persona is one that can either cause great annoyance or the chillest of times with the people involved, and is one that is somewhat strange to explain. A common thing that is displayed with their various interactions with other users is them being rather optimistic, childish, and somewhat carefree and innocent, but with a side of being rather edgy and perverted. TheNameIsObby is known to cheerfully try to make friends with as many people around them, seeing the good in most people. Obby tends to be very random and spout non sequiturs at many different occasions, much to the chagrin of others that work with them. 

Obby's interests include animating, drawing, and writing, showing great interest in various analysis of character dynamics and relationships. Gaming, reading and socializing with peers also counts as things that take a multitude of their time. Obby gives it their all when they get a task handed to them. When not doing something random or pointless, Obby is rather cool mannered and laid back, talking about their interests with a bit of awkwardness and curiousity. Because of their ADHD, they sometimes lose focus in chats and derail them to random tangents and shitposting. Generally, though, Obby means well.

That being said, if something bothers or causes trouble to a friend or them self, Obby will do their best to speak out against it and does show a side of rationality and the ability to take things seriously. Obby also is very LGBT-friendly and supports the movement greatly. TheNameIsObby is currently working on a couple of freelance projects, alongside OSO, in the future. If you want to message them at any time, the DMs are always open.


OSO Intro

I drew Holly's logo in the intro ;)


Did a still with Penny, animated a scene with OSO Novel, and did another scene with Nail Clippers and Incense Holder.


  • My favourite ship dynamic is when you guys stop bringing up that dead meme.
  • I'm black...not really a special thing about me, but not a bad thing either? Black rights!
  • My favourite animals are pandas and lions, or if we go mythological for a bit, dragons and griffins.
  • I never really played much Pokemon.
  • My goal in life is to make an animated comedy series that I had on my mind for years.
  • I care about you a lot, even if you wronged me.
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