"Crayon Box is the way of the universe." - Pitcher
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"Don't worry about it."

— Crayon Box, "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

Crayon Box is the main host of OSO. She is aided by her co-hosts Blue Crayon, Green Crayon, Red Crayon, and Yellow Crayon.


She is very charismatic, energetic, uplifting and optimistic. Despite this, she can be angered and even becomes violent when pushed too far or if a rule is broken. This side is more akin to being a harsh schoolmaster rather than just being a pure sadist. She is very loud and usually shouts and people are intimidated by her and don't dare disobey her due to this. She carries around four crayons in her head, each with different personalities. They can sometimes frustrate her.


Crayon Box is a flat, light blue crayon box with slate blue corners on her front. On her top is a flap that can be opened and closed. She may be inspired by packaging for Crayola art products.


Episode 1 - "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

She was first seen on a platform high up in the dome before it lowered down, and welcomed the 32 contestants to Open Source Objects. Guarana asks how the show is "Open Source," and CB tells him not to worry about it.

She proceeds to address herself to the contestants, while also trying to prevent the crayons from interrupting. She leads the contestants to the challenge area, where she introduces the challenge for the episode: after the contestants are tied to helium balloons, they must get down without dying.

Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

Once all the dead contestants are recovered, Crayon Box tells the contestants who were up for elimination to follow her to the elimination area. With the help of Yellow Crayon, she explains how elimination is going to work. She then announces who is safe, but before she can announce who tied in votes, Loren gets up and leaves, much to her surprise. Crayon Box attempts to go after him, but can't convince him to come back.

Black Square was the one who was supposed to be eliminated, so Crayon Box tells him to watch himself in the future. Afterwards, Crayon Box uses a chalkboard to explain the next contest, which angers Yellow Crayon who tells her to use the Crayons to demonstrate instead. She awkwardly stacks Yellow Crayon on top of Green Crayon to explain that the challenge is to stack on top of each other. When everyone is paired up, Crayon Box starts the challenge.

When Inhaler falls off of Vape, Crayon Box makes a bad pun that Corny doesn't understand. The pun apparently had to do with breathing in, as in Vape and Inhaler. She later announces who is up for elimination.

Episode 3 - "The Good, The Bad, and The ********"

After the intro, she was sitting down beside Dango, who Green asked of how does the elimination work. She responds to it by saying: "You'll start to understand as we go along." After announcing Cologne and Inhaler got tied and tell the crayons that they knew about this, She takes both of them to a catwalk where their tiebreaker is turn on the spotlights. After Cologne won the tiebreaker, she makes a bad pun too many before having Red Crayon drag a disappointed Inhaler.

After Guarana asked about the stage, she tells him that this is their next challenge, which is to write, produce, and performed your own play production which is led my the Crayons. She also tells the crayons that whoever wins gets to go to Chunky Cheese. She then puts the contestants in groups under the leadership of their respective Crayon Directors.

During the production, she makes a pun off of Server's accident with the spotlight.

In the Plays, she got to judge them alongside with Dango. She was mostly positive with each play.

After the Plays, she announces the best production to be Team Blue. After that, she announces the worst production to be Team Green. Then, she announces Team Green's elimination to the viewers.

Episode 4 - "The Butterfly Effect"

After the intro, she was shown to be in the elimination building with Green Crayon's team who lost in the last episode. She announced everyone who was safe including Corny who CB stated that he was up for voting more than once. After she announced the finale two who are left, she was interrupted by Retainer twice on the fact of her asking if he and Holly were nervous and when CB was about to announce Retainer's elimination when Retainer mistakenly took it as he was safe. He later found out that he was eliminated from Holly who turned him around to look at the votes.

After the elimination, she got a box out and told everyone to come here to her. She opens the box to reveal that there are butterflies in there and a small butterfly catcher net. She announced that the challenge was catch some butterflies and turn it in to her. As she was about to start the challenge, Red and Green interrupted CB to tell the contestants that they aren't allow to hurt or kill the butterflies or else. After she shove them in her box, she said that they will be put up for elimination if that ever happens. Then she started the challenge.

In the challenge, Sippy Cup gave her three non-butterfly related items. She give her a leaf which CB tells her after she is impressed that she got to her faster than anyone else. Afterwards, she realizes her mistake and takes it back to find the correct item. Then, she gives her some butter which she jokes about how wrong she got the wrong item. Finally, she gives her a satellite which CB gives her a thumbs down since she got it wrong again.

During SC's mishaps, Graffiti was the first one to turn in a butterfly to her. Then, Putty brings in a damaged butterfly in which case CB reminded her that if she turned one in that's destroyed or hurt she would be up for elimination. She tried to prove to CB that it was not dead but she ends up making it worse by accidently tearing up the butterfly. After she explained that she was a little rough with it, she got yellow crayon out and revived the butterfly.

Then, Glowing Heart came with a box of butterflies. CB told her that she only had to catch one in order to be safe, but GH knew that and she wanted to catch some more because she felt bad if she left any behind. Afterwards, she brought out Diamond and told CB that she's being making these weird noises at her, and she was wondering if she's broken. So then, Diamond spit out an unharmed butterfly at CB who announced that was unconventional but she accepted it. So, GH and Diamond were safe.

While OSO Novel talks with Guarana, it is shown in OSO Novel's pages that Penny turned in some butterflies to CB and she was safe. Then, Incense Holder, ******** (Censored), Nail Clippers, and Microphone came each with a butterfly after Incense stopped a runaway jar from putty. She announced that they were safe. Afterwards, Blob came over and pointed to her that it had a butterfly inside of itself. However, CB wouldn't accept it unless it is out of its body to make sure it didn't drown in there.

After a while, CB was shown with Paintball and Roulette Wheel who got their butterflies turned in. After so, Corny, Holly, OSO Novel, and Tart turned in their butterflies to her and she gave them a thumbs up.

Then, she announced that there's only one spot left and, after a few seconds, she saw that Organic Fruit & Grain Bar was last one to turn in a butterfly to her and with a lovely flower on it as well. Then, she announced who was ufe.


  • Crayon box has a running gag where she tells a bad joke, which are usually bad or confusing.
  • She is often mistaken as a male due to her “masculine” voice.


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