"Wow! What a relief!" ― Corny

Corny is a male character competing in Open Source Objects.


He's kind and acts crazy but he keeps his craziness on the inside and only uses it strategically when he thinks it's necessary.  He’s good at distracting people. He is very rational and logical and points out whenever someone is acting emotional. He is good at leading and directing people. He tends to come off as uncaring when in actuality he points out people’s mistakes to help them learn. He is very good at quickly coming up with a plan. He loves literature and wants to write a book one day.


Corny is a yellow, rectangular slice of corn on the cob. That smile has a history... too many corny jokes may cause that kind of permanent effect.


Episode 1 - "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

Corny first appears in the challenge with three balloons tied around his body. He strongly rejects Holly's proposition of just falling straight down. Instead, Corny conjures an anvil, which he, Holly, and Tart cling on to. Despite seemingly going to be safe, Corny is suddenly booted off the anvil by a falling Pitcher. Corny does not survive the fall and is automatically put up for elimination.

Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

Corny was resurrected off-screen. He got the fewest votes among the eight put up for elimination, at 23, therefore winning immunity from the challenge as well as an ice-cold refreshment (which Loren stole on his way out). The only time Corny appears during the challenge is when he talks to Crayon Box after he doesn't get the joke she told about Vape and Inhaler.


  • Corny is the first character to be up for elimination twice.
  • Corny is the only contestant to have a y added to the end of their name that isn't already in the name of the object they are
  • When Corny fell down to his death, his dead pose at that scene became a running gag.

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