Coin is a male character competing in Open Source Objects.


Coin can be summed up as “aggressive.” Easily angered and constantly exerting his will on others, he is unafraid to bully and chide at the drop of a hat. He has a lot of determination that often manifests as confidence, but also as stubbornness. Coin despises when others don’t “try as hard as he does.” Even then, he’s quick to flock with those he’s familiar with—particularly, his little sister Penny.


Coin is a reflective, grey coin, probably a nickel or quarter... no one knows, he is pretty sensitive about it. Don't judge him by his face value.


Episode 1 - "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

While Coin is talking with Loren and Cologne, Penny states that Coin dragged her to compete on the show. Coin is also dismissive of the dome setting. In the challenge, Coin speaks alongside Retainer when voicing both frustration with Roulette Wheel and concern for winning the challenge. Coin points out Organic Fruit & Grain Bar's arms, but fails to get any help.

Coin struggles throughout most of the challenge. He argues with Roulette Wheel's, Incense Holder's, and Penny's defeatism. Coin also argues with Retainer in the background. However, Coin is safely sent down after White Dango bites through two of his three balloons.

Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

After being ditched by Cologne, Coin searches for Penny so they can team up for the challenge. Before he can find her, Organic Fruit & Grain Bar picks up Coin and carries him away. Coin yells at him that he does not want to be his partner, but Organic Fruit & Grain Bar ignores him and continues to hold on to him.

During the challenge, a ball is launched at the pair, but Organic Fruit & Grain Bar blocks the ball by using Coin as a shield. Coin is safe as the two do not fall.


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