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Coaster is a female character competing in Open Source Objects.


Coaster is a lone wolf: blunt, curt, and unapologetic about her opinions. She pushes those away she deems annoying and has a critical eye when it comes to other people’s personalities and actions. This, however, does not mean that she doesn’t care for others, and is willing to jump in if it’s necessary.


Coaster is a thin, beige drink coaster. Her face and back are scored with a number of diagonal lines.


Episode 1 - "Who the hell recommended Glowing Heart"

Coaster first appears getting her ear talked off by Diamond's exuberant story-telling. She has to correct Diamond when she talks to Penny, and then frustratingly walks away. Coaster reappears during the challenge with a balloon tied around her. She catches Diamond after she popped all four of her balloons with little foresight. The two's combined weight slowly sinks them until they safely reach the ground. Later on, she informs Crayon Box of the state of the challenge, and she doubts Paintball's ability to come back down once the challenge ends.

Episode 2 - "Your Opinion is Invalid"

When the contestants are all pairing up for the stacking challenge, Diamond approaches Coaster, attempting to team up with her. Before she can finish asking, Coaster sighs and walks away to instead pair up with Incense Holder, who she climbs inside of. The pair do not fall over, and she is safe for the episode.

Episode 3 - "The Good, the Bad, and the ********"

Coaster remains idle for most of the challenge, and seems worried when placed on Green Crayon’s team. When all the others shout out ideas all at once, she warns that it wouldn’t work, but Green Crayon does not listen. The last straw is when she messes up the order of the vinyl records, and says that they’re doomed.

During the play, Coaster is first seen standing next to Phonograph, who serves as the narrator/music player. She looks at Phonograph quizzically as she halts her record after it plays canned laughter. Coaster later gets accidentally pushed on stage after Retainer kicks Corny off-stage. She immediately snaps into character and plays an antagonistic role. She picks up Diamond and calls her a loud annoying brat, and gets flustered when Holly calls her wife. She ends up getting ran over by Retainer at the end, and calls off the play.

The play leaves the Dango stunned and horrified, and the Green Team is placed up for elimination. Coaster chides her team for not listening to her when she told them that their mishmash of ideas wouldn't work.

Episode 4- "The Butterfly Effect"

While chasing a butterfly, Coaster notices Microphone and Vape lounging around, and chastises them for their inactivity. Soon after, Coaster notices the large crowd gathering around Phonograph trying to grab one of the butterflies drawn to her music. Unable to get Phonograph to speak up about this, Coaster snatches the butterfly out of her hand, goading her into breaking her silence and sticking up for herself. Seeing this, Coaster happily gives the butterfly back.

Later, as seen in a montage displayed on OSO Novel's pages, Coaster continues struggling to catch a butterfly. Phonograph notices this and gives her one, keeping Coaster safe from elimination.


  • Coaster is the first contestant to appear in the intro.
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