ChrisShwafer has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 1.


ChrisShwafer is quiet and has an odd sense of humor. He often tries to find ways to make himself a better person and is open to criticism. Chris is also a bit dramatic, overthinking things and worrying too much over small things, he also is very gullible. Even though he isn't too outgoing, Chris is overall nice, funny (unintentionally), and sometimes weird.



Asset Design of Retainer


  • Chris is the creator of Fight in Flight and Mr. Blanc (being rebooted).
  • He lives in New Jersey.
  • Chris hates his job.
  • He's allergic to cats, most fruits, and soy milk.
  • He can't spell ankor.
  • His dog is named Cracker.
  • Chris has made an appearance in Orange is the New Black.
  • His favorite Pokemon is Scraggy.
  • Chris doesn't know why he named himself ChrisShwafer.
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