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This article is an autobiography of a contributor for Open Source Objects. If you aren't Catworld, please cite the source.

Catworld has contributed to Open Source Objects since episode 2.


According to himself, he is a nerd, and has interest in a lot of fields, including math, linguistics, video games, and music making.

He plays mostly RPGs and puzzle games, but can enjoy pretty much any game that isn't a shooting game.

He likes to create things, and he nitpicks the most meaningless things about everything he sees or hears.

He describes himself as someone who has no social skills, and he always reminds everyone he meets about how stupid humanity is.


He is a composer for OSO. Some of his tracks will be used in episode 2.

Tracks used in Episodes

  • Fluorine (OSO 2)
  • The Search (OSO 2)


  • He is an administrator of the Battle for Dream Island wiki, along with NotARealGuy.
  • He uses Ableton Live in order to produce his tracks.
  • He currently lives in Israel.
  • His native language is Hebrew.
  • He always thinks he made huge grammar mistakes for no apparent reason. (Although he kinda blames his current English teacher, because he is still angry about his school ending the English speakers program he was a part of.)
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